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Philmont trek with sleep apnea

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F Scouter:

He actually hiked Philmont years ago, and has hiked many times since then. I think he became inactive and his condition worsened from just snoring to SA. He is going to hike with us next week, so we will see what happens.


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I would like to add my 2 cents in the thread. I have SA. I would recommend the gentlemen to stay home on this one. I go to scout camps and on weekend outings all the time, the key is the amount of days. Battery packs (Heavy) will only last up to 2 days. Then they are almost depleted which requires a minimum charge of 8 hours. Scout camps are easy with two battery packs by rotating them to charge. With Philmount I do not see that happing. Trust me if I thought I could I would. I set back and let my oldest son go and now my youngest son is going this year, and I want to go. Nevertheless, I cannot figure out how to do it without holding up the crew. I have looked into solar, smaller batteries, smaller cpaps (which they make), but it is the batteries that hold you up because of the weight and charge time. If you sleep with a cpap at night, it is very hard to sleep without it, once you are used to it. The guy might be alright the first part of the trek but 3 days with out a good night sleep backpacking in rough terrain and then you would have big a problem Some times, you just have to know your limitations. It is about whats best for the crewHe might still be able to go and hang around base camp but not sure if that is an option.

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I have SA and have lived with it for bout 10 years now. I use a cpap machine nightly and to be real honest if I do not use it I will be a mess. Grumpy and confused is an understatement.


I camp with the boys and use several deep cycle battery's for week long camping with no power. The batterys weigh in the neighborhood of 40 pounds each and that is with a GoodKnight 420G which would easily fit in a backpack and is 12 volt powered. It only weighs 1.7 pounds, but the battery pack for 7 hours is 8 pounds. With a deep cycle battery I can get three nights with this particular cpap machine.


There are other options to fix SA, just depends on what type he has. Surgery and dental appliances may help, he just needs to talk with his doctor.


I camp a bunch with my machine just ask, I will try to help.

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