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accident in Yosemite

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I heard a radio report this morning indicationg a 12 year old scout fell to his death from the Yosemite Falls trail. The report indicated he wandered away from his group. I have not seen any postings yet of this info on the local media web sites, so information is sketchy at this time. :-(


UPDATE, found info:


Modesto Boy Scout, 12, dies hiking in Yosemite


A 12-year-old Boy Scout from Modesto died when he wandered away from his group hiking toward Upper Yosemite Fall and fell about 300 feet, a National Park Service spokeswoman said Monday.


The name of the boy wasn't released, and Yosemite officials couldn't confirm which Boy Scout troop he belonged to.


The accident occurred about 2:15 p.m. Saturday on Yosemite Falls Trail above Columbia Rock, park spokeswoman Adrienne Freeman said.


The boy and another Scout got in front of their group and strayed off the trail toward the steep drop where the accident occurred.


The second Scout was not injured, Freeman said.


"There is no indication that he was doing anything wrong," she said. "It was a horrible accident."


It is the first hiking fatality of the year in Yosemite, Freeman said.



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I've connections with the Greater Yosemite Area Council as a former staffer at Mensinger; this will no doubt come as a shock to these good folks since they are so heavily invested in backcountry high adventure.


My condolences to the family who lost this young Scout, very sad....:(

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My family was in Yosemite Valley on Saturday, and from the time we got there around noon, until we left after sunset, emergency crews were constantly in motion. Most of the trails were covered in ice, although the park spokesperson said ice nor snow wasn't the cause.



In light of this immense tragedy, I realize that this is minor issue, but don't you think the phrase "wandered off" was a bit of irresponsible journalism? Going a little faster than the rest of your group, especially on such a strenuous trail, is common.

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