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" adult leaders should generally be fit enough to deliver an active outdoor program "?

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Actually, I was elevating the other two since they had not been getting included by other posters in the discussion of fitness.


But as to which are more important, I will leave that decision to you. Would you rather have a leader of intelligence and character and diminished physical abilities, or a leader of great physical strength with poor ethics and low intelligence?


There are aspects of fitness that go well beyond a persons physical characteristics.


When you say my post sounds like a personal opinion... in comparison to whose post in this thread that is not a personal opinion?(This message has been edited by Bob White)

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Hi Folks


It is not so much physical fitness that is required for a good high adventure program, but the experience of doing high adventure well, the expertise in at least one type of outdoor activity, planning expeditions, the willingness to learn more, and training the Scouts involved how to operate on the trip that count more.


If you are slow, simply be sure that you are the "sweep" and have your well trained and experienced youth or assistants at the "lead". Wisdom and good training in mountaineering, is when the leaders know when to turn around and go down for the sake of the group or team.


If you don't have expertise, find those who do have that expertise and experience and co-opt them into helping with your unit. Scouters who come exclusively from the Scouting experience may not realize that there are thousands of people that have far more outdoor experience and expertise than most Scouters have ever realized. Not only that, but many are enthusiastic about sharing their outdoor expertise for the love of their resource. Most Scouters after all are more often dedicated parents taking off time from jobs, and may not have done outdoor adventure since their own youth.


I know a few of the resources that Scout leaders can find this experience in a few activities. Contact me directly if you are interested.


PS, I'm 56, and my shoulders don't let me go really fast in sea kayaking, or climb as well as I used to either. Going to the Sea of Cortez next month anyway.


PPS, Take Wilderness First Aid!

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