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Salmon River, Middle Fork

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Does anyone from Idaho know if there is an outfit that will provide rafts and a guide to take a Varsity Team down the Middle Fork of the Salmon River for a reasonable sum of money without all the fancy smancy amenities that hoist the cost of the trip into the stratosphere with these professional outfits.

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I highly recommend Warren River Expeditions

Warren River Expeditions

P.O. Box 1375

Salmon, Idaho 83467

Office: (208) 756-6387

Reservations: (800) 765-0421

Fax: (208) 756-4495



Dave Warren is very personable, and has just got a permit on the Middle Fork. I believe you can either fly in to the half way point or start from the beginning and end up at Corn Creek on the Main.


I have rowed for Dave many times and he always has high quality and knowledgible boatmen who are patient with kids. I was on a trip down the Main Salmon with Dave and a group of Scouts before and they liked it very well. Dave is also very good with safety, and the group is briefed very thoroughly and the boatmen are attentive. Dave can also send the group with duckies (inflatable kayaks) and depending on the volume and rapids, with sit-on-top kayaks as well if they kids like the idea. The food is also exceptional! Please give him a call!

John Bowen

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