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Anyone with Double H experience?

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I did not see any scorpions, the ranger did not say anything about scorpions. We where told when setting up your tents do not set them over any mouse holes, they would eat through you tent if you setup over there homes.

I do not believe that you will be able to sleep under a trap, you will be required to use a tent just like at Philmont.



Has the troop decided where to go yet?




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Thanks for the photos you posted too. I shoot a lot of photos when I go on high adventure trips. I carry a camera and a video camera as well. The parents just love them. I use a special backpacking harness with a mono pod stand that connects to the pack and camera while I hike. It makes it hands free. It also has a quick release. I am planning on shooting a lot at Double H so I can bring it back to our troops in our area to see as a promotion. People like me have a lot of questions about Double H.

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Has anyone else here ever slept under a fly at night or under the stars at Double H? I have done this several times at Philmont. Love sleeping under the stars. We are leaving the last of June 2008. Love to hear more comments from other campers from Double H.

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We took a crew from our troop to Double H last summer (2007). It was awesome! The only problem I made was that all the Scouts were high school athletes (wrestling team, football team, track, ski team, etc.) and I was an aging, over-weight Scoutmaster! (Seriously, I lost about 15 lbs before the trip and got myself in much better shape but could have done more).


They offer three types of treks (various difficulty and duration) so if you want more mountains you can - if you have the ability. Yes, your guide is with you the whole time and our guide was fabulous (thanks Nate!). They really push LNT and also boy led. Our Scouts defined what they did and how they travelled. They liked the straight line method (the heck with the fact that it included a 2000 ft vertical climb!). Gathering, preparing water was a time consuming experience but provided everyone with something to do and was a bonding experience. We pump filtered, chemical (MIOX) and also used steri-pens. The water was great!


Yes, at the half-way point you end up at a ranch for some stew and a food resupply as well as some black powder shooting, archery, etc.


Again, our guide was fabulous - let the boys lead. My oldest son was the trek leader but everyday we rotated the "lead" from a GPS, orienteering perspective amongst the youth. I "led" the trek for a total of about 500 yards (out of about 40 miles) and of course was the only one to "frighten" a five foot rattle snake! The boys liked hearing their SM scream.


Double H is much more rustic than Philmont. They are debating about making improvements to their base camp but again, the BSA does not own or lease the land. As Dan stated, the previous owner, willed the land to the Roucky Mountain Elk Foundation with the stipulation that they have a conservation program for youth (not necessarily the BSA).


I can't wait to go back. (This message has been edited by a staff member.)

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