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I went to philmont this year 703-D Trek 29. Great time. At the closing campfire there was a great song. I believe it was from October Sky. Does anyone recognize the name and or song? AND if so where can I get a copy of it. Thanks.



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Hi mich632,


Here's a post from Doug Marquis of the the Philmont Campfire and Welcome Center staff posted recently that might help. Sorry that I can't help you locate the song, though.


Hi, Norm--


I think I can give you a fairly definitive answer.


The song that goes with the Closing Campfire slide show is an INXS song called "Afterglow" from their album "Switch" that came out a year or two ago. I think 2006 was the first summer that we used the song for the campfire.


"Here I am, lost in the light of the moon that comes through my window... Touch me and I will follow in your afterglow..."


I can't think of a much more perfect song for the homebound crews.


For others who are interested, the music that accompanies the final old home movie footage from Philturn is from the soundtrack to the movie "October Sky." The exit music is from "Lonesome Dove." Or maybe I've got them backwards, but those are the two pieces.


For the last few years, I've mostly been singing "New Mexico Rain" after the awarding of the WAMI's. The best known recording of "New Mexico Rain" at Philmont is Rod Taylor's, but the song was actually written by Michael Hearne, a well-known songwriter who lives in Taos. He played with Michael Martin Murphy at one time, and he's also the nephew of Bill and Bonnie Hearne, who are southwest music legends. On Rod's CD, Bill Hearne sings the second verse of the song, and Michael Hearne sings the last verse.


I've also sung "I Don't Mind" on occaision, although I think that one comes off better with someone younger singing it. For the last few nights, I've sung "Nightrider's Lament." (Rod came down for the campfire a couple of nights ago and sang "Nightriders Lament" and "Sweet Baby James," and I was inspired. Just wish I had his voice...)


Of course the other song people will recognize from the Closing Campfire is the "Homebound Song," which is based on Simon and Garfunkle's "Homeward Bound." Patrick Kyle, a member of the 2002 Activities staff, wrote the Philmont lyrics for it. "Home, where the food's not powder! Home, where you get hot showers!"



Doug Marquis

Asst. Mgr. CHQ Activities '03-'07

(the campfire and Welcome Center staff)

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