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Anybody here own a pocket rocket?

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Getting back on track.


It looks like a neat stove.


I like the fact that there are NO moving parts to break, and in the dead of winter, propane just won't boil, so you would really get cold in a hurry.

This stove looks like it could be a neat, small campfire.

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Just got back.


We had enough fuel. Too much.

Worse yet I still don't know what the mileage is.

Thinking about burning two stoves one high, one medium, continuosly and as not to waste the BTU's (cause I'm cheap) use it to pre heat my lead for sinkers and muzzleloader bullets. I would record the time used for each setting.


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Holy cow!!!

turns out MSR has a new fancy web site.


which tells you this





in general an 8 oz can should boil eough water for 4 days for two people on a summer trip


or words to that effect.



"What a truly modern world we live in"



Hearing the words "in general" is like hearing a Marine PFC or second Louie say, "In my experience,............."

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OGE I see were this stove would be good on a river trip. Camping on a river bank. As far as using this on a camp out. As long as you use it in a fire ring. I use something just about like that to start my Bar BQ grill at home on. You can buy one at Wal-Mart for about $5.00. Its a charcoal starter. And it works great. I might buy one of these myself. I would use it only around my locale area. Philmont, Northern Tiers or the Appalachain Trail I would use it. To many issues to deal with. Now if I was camping just by myself or with a couple of friends. Were I wouldn`t be in a hurry. This would be a lot of fun to cook on. Here is one that I found online. http://www.surlatable.com/product/id/130782.do A little bit higher than $5.00. It is a heavier gauge metal too. THEY BURN VERY HOT !

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I like the looks of that thing. Free fuel, no need to carry fuel, maybe just some tinder. You could even cobble together an aluminum plate to put under it that had folding legs to get it up off the ground.


What to do with the ashes? Take them and scatter them in the woods, they'll become fertilizer.

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Has anyone used the "Sierra Zip Stove". I saw an article about it, and it looked neet. It is a small wood burning stove with a battery powered fan at the bottom blowing on the fire in a metal bowl at the top. They say you can just drop twigs into it and cook a meal.


The Pocket Rocket is great. I took one to Philmont just to make Coffee. The crew used the Coleman stove, since Philmont sold the gas canisters for it. I made two small pots of coffee each day, and used only two canisters of butane the whole time. Light, compact, small fuel canisters, you cant get much better than that. The 30 to 40 degree weather at night did not seem to affect them much.

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