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We are looking for a nice trip to go on for a week or so in 2009 for a week or so. We are not looking for a summer camp, but more of a high adventure camp. We are located in Cincinnati, Ohio, but we can travel almost any distance.


We are also looking for some new places to go in the ohio, kentucky, indiana area. We habe gone to Camp Michaels, Camp Friedlander, Hueston Woods, and Miami White Water. Our troop seems to be stuck in a bad routine of going to the same place every two years and we need some new places.

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Hi from right down the road. In fact, we camped at your Camp Michaels this past weekend. Nice quiet, simple, rustic camp. The guys had a good time.


In a very short drivetime, you could hit the WV adventure areas. Ace Whitewater is a great place. you can easily spend several days there, rafting, kayaking, climbing, mountain biking, backpacking, etc.


Similar activities are also available in the Smoky Mountains. And, of course, you can take advantage of the world's largest knife store in Pigeon Forge (our guys loved it).


Red River Gorge in KY is a personal favorite. Not a lot of formal activities - but you can do some great backpacking. There's a nice climbing MB program as well.


We haven't done it, but Pennsylvania also offers some great activities. There are some whitewater and caving spots. You can also spend a couple of days at Gettysburg.

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OK, I'll bite:


Is the Ohio River safe for trained youth in canoes?


Does a Council or a private outfitter have a base on the Ohio, or one of its major tributaries?


Does that help you for an idea?(This message has been edited by John-in-KC)

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The Ohio, no. You wouldn't want to canoe it. Far too much debris (both natural and otherwise). Not to mention the toxic stuff. (Okay, they claim it's much cleaner now).


But there are a number of great canoing spots throughout the tri-state area (OH-KY-IN), in addition the WW rafting opportunities throughout the Appalachians.

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While it's a summer camp, Camp Buffalo Bill in Wyoming has a neat high-adventure program in place...it offers white water rafting, climbing, & some COPE stuff mixed together. There's another "way cool" place with rafting, canoeing, kayaking, etc., but I need to look up the name & location. Also, for something very different, what about travelling to Montana for the re-enactment of the Battle of Little Big Horn? A troop-designed trip... If you contact Mt. Rushmore, you could participate in a closing flag ceremony at the lighting of the faces...

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From Cincinnati you are within a days drive of the Blue Ridge Mountains Scout Reservation operated by the Blue Ridge Mountains Council. See http://www.bsa-brmc.org/high.htm


I'm told it's the largest council owned reservation in the county 16,000+ acres. They conduct several high adventure activites at the reservation. Several years ago we did the High Knoll backpacking adventure. A 5 day backpacking trip with activities at each campsite. It's not Philmont, but it is much more accessible and affordable and our guys had a great time.


There are also canoeing/river treks available. I havn't tried those but they looked interesting.



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are you looking for troop size or crew size adventure? A lot of the (most?) high adventure trips are limited by the outfitter or by park rules to 8-10-12 persons per crew (impact and quality of adventure issues). For troop size I can highly recommend "scoutingagain's" recommendation- -Blue Ridge has an outstanding set of program offerings...

members of you troop can chose from several different high adventure programs. For crew size, there are many choices-Sea Base; Northern tier- boundary waters trips; up state New York has outfitters and lake adventures galore; of course, Philmont is always a lifetime adventure. Several Canadian offers from lake to river expeditions...so much to do...so little time...

go for the challenge!


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Ever thought of a back pack trip in the Eastern Sierra (Southern California)?


Our troop takes a High Adventure back packing trip there every year, we fit the trip to the capability of the scouts going. It's a great time and one of the most beautiful parts of the world IMHO.


There is a Boy Scout Camp that runs what they call "Sierra Expedition". They do a good job from what I hear. Check out their website http://www.sierraexpeditions.org/


It's a part of Western Los Angeles County Council's Camp Whitsett.


Variety is the spice of life. I hope you pick some place spectacular.



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Our Troop has traveled to Ohiopyle State Park in Ohiopyle, PA.

There is world class white water rafting (Class III and IV rapids)

as well as oppotunities to bike ride and do some climbing.

We used Wildernes Voyagers as our outfitter for these events, and camped at Scarlett Knob Campground. Scarlett Knob provides favorable rates for Boy Scout Troops!

If you use Scarlett Knob as your base when you arrive, there are several other places of interest to check out.

Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water

Laurel Caverns (Cave exploration)

Fort Necessity National Battlefield (G.Washington's first command and defeat during the French and Indian War)


As with any trip, planning is essential!

If you GOOGLE these places, you will find additional information to help your boys plan the trip.


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