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Need cabin camping near Gettysburg, PA

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I am looking for cabin camping 'near' Gettysburg. We have previously stayed at BSA - Camp Tuckahoe (a great facility), but it is currently full for the weekend we want in March.


I believe there is a Girl Scout camp in the same area, but can't recall the name. Any ideas?


We need a cabin with a capacity for ~ 30 people.




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I don't now much about this place but the Sea Scout Winter Weekend is being held at Camp Round Meadow, Catoctin Mountain Park, Maryland which is only about 30 miles South of Gettysburg. We will be staying in bunkhouses and they have room for 120+.


In the boarding manual it said that in Thurmont, MD (just outside the Park) is the Thurmont Scout Building. The Thurmont Scout Building is two rooms, one room 25 x 40 with a fireplace and access to two rest rooms (a sink and commode) and a water fountain. The back room is the storage area, 12 deep and 25 wide providing a place about 8 x 10 and another 4 x 12.


You will have to do some more research about where to find rental info but here is a place to start:




There is a e-mail address for someone who should be able to point you in the right direction.



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Thanks for the great info.


We often camp at Caledonia State Park when we visit Gettysburg. We once did a trip where we dropped a crew at Pine Grove Furnace, and the rest setup base camp at Caledonia. The drop off crew then hiked along the Appalachain Trail into Caledonia.

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We use Camp Hidden Valley, Keystone Area Council in Landisburg, just NE of Gettysburg. We'll be there for President's day weekend in Feb. Cabins have been recently updated with indoor bathrooms and they have a central shower with HOT water :-). We also do a side trip to Ski Roundtop.

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I should have said that Camp Hidden Valley is NW of Gettysburg. Their official mailing address is Loysville...Landisburg is the next town over.


The cabins are heated both with wood stoves and gas furnaces. they have full kitchen facilities (refrig, stove, oven, hot water), and indoor toilets (the health dept made them close the pit latrines). Also, as I said, hot water central showers which are open all winter. The cabins will hold up to 50 scouts in bunk beds (open bay style).



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Camp Conewago has two buildings: 10 miles from the Battlefield. Nice folks in this council


Main Lodge-21 people- 100 bucks

Small Cabin --sleeps 10 -- $40


In 1919, the officers of Conewago Council, which then oversaw Scouting in Hanover, Littlestown, New Oxford, Locust Grove, Abbottstown, and East Berlin, saw the need for a Boy Scout camp in their area. Along with the assistance of other civic-minded citizens, the council solicited funds in the area for a camp. On September 13, 1919, they purchased approximately 25 acres of land in Hamilton Township, Adams County, from George T. Gitt.


The camp is located at the "Forks" where the Little Conewago enters into the Big Conewago stream. It was formerly at the point of a traders cabin where the collection of furs and trading was done with early settlers and the Conewago Indian Tribes in the area.


Today, Camp Conewago is still blessed with many of the original buildings constructed over the years. The Lodge was built in 1920 and has a spacious porch on the front and one side. Inside the building is a large stone fireplace, kitchen and sleeping area equipped with bunk beds.


Other sleeping quarters known as Rothrocks were built after the first few years of the camp's operation. The name "Rothrocks" derived from the Chairman of the Department of Forest and Waters, whose name was Rothrock. These buildings were given individual Native American names such as Seneca, Mohawk, Shawnee, Sioux, Delaware and Susquehannock.


The Administration Building was dedicated on August 1, 1937 in memory of H. Merle Stokes, Camping Chairman.


Camp Conewago, located just off of Dicks Dam Road in New Oxford, PA, is available for rental year-round. The camp is a little more than 10 miles from the Gettysburg area and is an easy drive to the battlefield for groups touring in the area. For more information and current rates, please download and print the current reservation form (PDF; opens in new browser window) or contact the council service center at (717) 843-0901 or (800) 569-5197 (outside York).



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A little more info:


Check out the following web site from my council (York-Adams Area):




The Lodge can sleep 21 people. Inside, there is a large stone fireplace, kitchen and sleeping area equipped with bunk beds.

The running water latrine isin another building.


The Rothrocks can sleep 8 people, but for winter cabin camping, you better bring along LOTS of clothing as there are NO windows that can close. These are primarly enclosed shlters with fully open windows.

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