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What's your ACE - Awesome Camporee Event?

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It looks like I'm the program chair for the district fall camporee. The camporee is on a ranch and the theme is stepping back in time. I'd really like to set up a great program, so I've been doing some searches here and elsewhere on camporee events and there's some ideas that seem really great. But are they? So, if you went to a camporee as a youth, what event that you did really stands out. When you look back at your camporee experiences, what do you remember doing, and enjoying :)


Thank you,


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Looking back on Camporees when I was a boy I remember the time that we won the competition and the prize was a camp stove for the troop.


I remember a Camporee when it was bitterly cold - adversity isn't much fun at the time but it makes a great story (and memory) later. You can't do much about the weather but maybe a really difficult team event would add a challenge for some scouts.

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Night camporees are always fun just because they are so completely different from the usual campout. Any theme can work really. We've done a few, but Cliff Golden who is on this list has done several. I think he used to have a Web Site.



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Thinking out loud and brainstorming


Ranch and scouts....hhmmmm


Lashing a split rail fence - timed


Fire wood chopping - say 1/3 of a cord - timed

then you will have split wood for the evening)


Blindfold X number of scouts and have one scout "herd" them to a particular area. Somehting like troops at a time, each troop has say 8 scouts blindfolded in a common area, all mixed together. Each troop has one herder.... THe herder has to give verbal directions to get them separated and into a certain area (maybe an 8 foot by 8 foot area)


"Harvest time" - something along the lines of a bushel's of corn and other items spread out over an area - collect it somehow.


Thats about all I can think of right now






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How about giving the "teams" the same items (building materials, rope, wheels, and such) and the first team to assemble a "wagon" and use it to pull x number of scouts to the finish line wins. Each wagon would be different due to the differences of boys and could be assembled in different ways. Maybe have a couple of guidelins such as number of wheels, no dragging just a flat piece of wood (you know someone would ;-) ). Give them different ways to assemble it (rope, nails,) and just see what happens.


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This event is what we held and was the second most popular:


Lashing a washbowl stand - I precut 4 sets of four 4' poles, three 3' poles and ten sets 15' 3/8" ropes. Each team would elect a patrol leader if they don't already have one. I share the picture of the washbowl and the installation instruction with the patrol leader and then talk to the rest of the patrol about the scoring system. The catch is that the patrol leader is the only one who gets to hold the picture. He is to instruct the patrol on how to build it and has no actual participation in the construction of it. This forces the patrol leader to communicate and the patrol to listen. The scoring is different from conventional scoring.


The event is timed and is as followed:

- total start out points = time it took to finish x 5

- for each correct lashing = deduct 5 points

- resembling the washbowl stand - deduct 5 points

- washbowl stands upright = deduct 10 points

- washbowl stands upright with 1 gallon of water in the bowl = deduct 10 points

- cleanup and place everything back the way it was = deduct 5 points; however, if they don't clean up = add 10 points!

- patrol spirit = deduct 1 - 5 maximum (only subjective portion of the grading and entirely up to the judge)


The patrol with the lowest points win! They really come out with a lot of creative ways to make the stand!(This message has been edited by OneHour)

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Why, yes, I do. PM me with your email address and I will forward them to you, the picture, the scoring sheet, and the instruction that I gave to our Camporee Chair.


The most popular was the Tomahawk throw! Go figure!



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