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One can only hope that Philmont is still in operation in 2998. ;)


I honestly don't know if slots are available yet for 2008. Our SM is the one who always puts in our bid for Philmont and I do know that we lost out for 2007 and are looking for alternatives.

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Let's hope that everyone still backpacks and hikes and hoverboards and hoverpacks as well as Star Trek style transporters are prohibited inside the reservation. Of course, if they ever invent the Star Trek holodeck, anyone of any age or gender can load the program and experience Philmont anytime they want.

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Crews will be able to enter the lottery for 2008 Philmont treks online in November and December. It is done by region. Each region submits their entry during a specific week.


You DO NOT have to be first in line to get the best shot. You simply have to register.


Once the lottery period is completed, you will be notified via email if you were successful and the date of your arrival, or if you are on the waiting list.


If you are on the waiting list, you will be told what slot you hold, and it could be anything from #1 to around #1300.


Here is the website, although it is not in use right now: http://www.advanced-data.com/philmont/ALICouncilLive.asp


Good luck.(This message has been edited by Chief Decorah)

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