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Do you know what BWCAW entry point you'll be using? (or are you doing a Quetico trip?) The big (13,000 acres) fire is the Cavity Lake fire, which is centered around Seagull lake, near the Gunflint trail (that's quite a ways east of Ely - actually two counties over)


This fire is burning towards an area that has been burned in fires the last few years, either wild or prescribed fires. This is hoped to reduce the fuel load and make fighting the fire easier. Our governor has sent National Guard troops to help fight this fire.


These entry points and lakes are closed:

* Entry point 51 - Missing Link

* Entry point 52 - Brandt Lake

* Entry point 56 - Kekekabic Trail East

* Portage from Seagull Lake to JA Paulson Lake

* Portages from Seagull Lake to Alpine Lake

* Portage from Seagull Lake to Rog Lake

* Portage from Rog Lake to Alpine Lake

* Portage from Little Sage lake to Virgin Lake

* Portage from Gabbi Lake to Peter Lake

* Portage from Crooked Lake to Gillis Lake

* Portage from Gabbi Lake to Howard Lake

* Round Lake closed * Red Rock Lake closed

* Seagull Lake closed


There's a much smaller fire (900 acres) that's between Turtle Lake and Gull Lake. I believe that's closer to Ely, but I'm not familiar with those lakes, and don't have access to detailed maps right now.


Hope this helps.

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Looking at the closed entry points that infoscouter listed, it looks as though the fire would have little or no ipact to the base operations. the fire seams to be more around the gunflint trail which is at the very eastern edge of the loop where you would normaly. Also in the BWCA winds normaly blow from west to east, so the likely hood of the fire speading to where you are going is relitivly low, in my humble opinion. if you are going into the quetico you would mostlikely not hvae any problems. the base normaly operates through entries at prairy portage and not cash bay (in the east, north of the fires).


The interperters are well informed about where the dangers are and how to avoidthem. they are also very capable and are able to cope with problems if somthing happens.


if you call the base I am sure they would assure you of theis as well.


oh and have a great time in the north woods

Happy Trails


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