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Kennedy Space Center Trip

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Troop is looking into taking a trip to visit the Kennedy Space Center. Their website lists two weekends in February that are set up especially for Scouts.


Has anyone here done this trip before? Or, if you haven't done the Scout-specific weekend at Kennedy, have you as a Troop gone there for the day and camped out nearby?


Any suggestions on nearby campsites?


Look forward to hearing from anyone.



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I have been there for a Girl Scout day and they did a good job. I would build up to it with some space history lessons prior to going. It seemed to me that the girls really didn't know what the space race was all about.


Cape Canaveral National Seashore is a great place to camp. Beautiful islands with good fishing and great bird watching. But I don't know about any near-by big group sites. Its a national park so you may want to give them a call and I bet they will provide some suggestions.





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