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I conducted Health & Safety for a local troop last nite; I had eleven attendees and it went well, overall.


Given the relative lack of demand for H&S over the last couple of years, I expressed my pleasant surprise to the group that: (1) I had been invited to do the training at all; and (2) that so many came out for it.


When I asked what was motivating the sudden demand (I have a request from a second troop to do H&S next Monday), I was told the checklist provided by Philmont for upcoming treks requires that adult leaders be H&S trained.


Now I am a believer that training is almost always a good thing, more training is usually better than less training, and that any training (if properly applied) need not go wasted.


But I must admit, having never been to Philmont (other than PTC), its not clear to me why Philmont is requiring this. H&S says almost nothing about hikes and hi-adventure activities (hikes are mentioned in the video).


I can see the relevance of the "Risk Zone" (transportation) module, in terms of planning road trips to and from Philmont. Is that the sole reason Philmont requires H&S training?


Is this a new requirement? because our council obviously sends troops to Philmont every summer, but like I said, this is the first time in several years I've seen any demand for it.




Fred Goodwin

Keystone District Training Chairman

Alamo Area Council

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Yes! Please what is H&S training? Fred you speak of a video and modules, as a fellow trainer you have my undivided attention.:p (Green with envy and salivating at the thought of new training possibilities) I've never heard of this training and know it is not readily available in my Council. Please! information!

LongHaul(This message has been edited by LongHaul)

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"H&S" = Health and Safety (syllabus part #19-100, issued 1998).


This is not a new training, but I'm wondering if its a new requirement for Philmont, and if so, why?


And yes, I was the one who posted to the Philmont List (just trying to cover all the bases)

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Having heard of folks who break their National Tour Permit and try to drive, with Scouts, a thousand miles in a day...


This sort of training does not surprise me.


Next question: Will the training audience LISTEN?



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