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Requirement 7B Backpacking MB

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Wildbill has asked for some help with this one.


7B - Tell how to properly prepare for and deal with the human and environmental hazards you may encounter on a backpacking trek.


Anyone have any clear and lucid thoughts on this one?

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Well, I suppose the most obvious is to do research and be aware of the possible hazards of the area one is going to go backpacking in.


From a human hazard standpoint, it could mean knowing if there are any prisons in the nearby area meaning you could potentially (highly unlikey, but potentially) run across a prison escapee, or finding out if the area you're backpacking in is known to have places where drug growing is taking place, or if there have been any crimes lately on the trails or trailheads in the area.


From an environmental hazard standpoint, have there been reports of illegal chemical or otherwise dumping in the area (kind of a human/environmental combo), is the area known to have poisonous snakes/plants, have their been reported animal attacks (bears, cougars, coyotes, etc.) lately, is the area geothermically active (such as parts of Yellowstone), is the area known for getting very hot or very cold, or both on the same day (perhaps Death Valley), or prone to flash floods (deserts in Arizona)?



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Take a look at http://www.equipped.org .


They have tons of information on preparing for, prevention of, and dealing with all sorts of unforseen issues.


When they say "human hazards" I tend to think of injury, illness, loss of gear/food/water, getting really lost, etc... These are all too common problem.


When they say "environmental hazards" I think of unexpectedly severe weather mostly.


By the way, the folks at equipped.org have designed some great gear too: Personal Survival Pak (highly recommended (great gear for price!), fantastic folding knives, etc... Since they are not-for-profit they, they don't sell it themselves, but a portion of the sales does go to support Equipped.org

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