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Favorite Whitewater Runs....

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This is Double Shoals on the New River north of Fries, Va. This section is about a mile and a half of Class II's and III's through a boulder garden. Best entry is just a little left of river center (the New runs south to north)...




Best put in is in the town of Fries near the school's tennis, basketball court. You'll need to frog over to river right for the best water. Passing under the bridge, stop, snug up the PFD, put on the helmet and enjoy. If you need an out or a escape/rescue route go river left. The New River Trail runs on this side...

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Last summer I had two fun whitewater trips.


First, the family did the Snake River out of Jackson Hole. Mostly Class IIs and IIIs. The water is cold, so you can't (don't want to) get in. There are stretches of calm water between the rapids. A fun time, and not too stressful for those unsure about doing whitewater.


Our troop did the Lower New River in West Virginia in August. The New was running low, so the Class IVs and Vs had lost a little of their teeth. But overall, it was a tremendous challenge. I can't think of a set of rapids more fun that the Keeney Brothers. And the Double Z provides more challenges than you'll find on just about any stretch of whitewater.




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I'll second EagleinKY about the New River. We have done this twice and you are right about the Keeney's, Double Z, Greyhound, and some other rapids whose names I don't remember. With the right outfitter, your scouts can earn the Whitewater MB.

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Give me the Class Vs of the Upper Yough...a sure-fire cure for constipation.


For scouts, the Class III/IVs of the Lower Yough are outstanding. Combine with a real caving experience at Laurel Caverns and camping at Ohiopyle SP and you have a near perfect weekend.

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i have been whitewatwer rafting twice. once on the yough, and once on the Cheat. By far, the Cheat is the better river.it is a class III-V+. We ran it at 5+ feet. I think it was somewhere around 7 (they stop running it at 8). it was one awesome ride. i would only reccommend this trip for for STRONG swimmers. we dumped in a hydrolic on Big Nasty. i got caught in the hydrolic, and really had to swim my butt off to get out of it. it is really a beautiful river, out in no mans land.


The yough is a good beginner run. its a III-IV (occassionally V)we ran this river at high water too. it was a good run, but nothing compared to the cheat.


this fall, my high adventure is planning on doing the either the Lower or Upper Gauley.

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Hey SemperParatus,

If you let me know when you are in that neck of the woods. I only live about 20 minutes from Ohiopyle.

A lot of the guys who work at the Caverns are Scouter's in our Council.

Our good friend Hops got to spend some time with them at the Jamboree.

The entire area is really good for putting the outing back in Scouting. Sad thing is that so many of our Scouters just don't.

The bike trail is good if your guys are into cycling and the hiking isn't bad.

It seems lately since I got involved with Sea Scouting that I'm spending a lot of time in Maryland!! Maybe we can wave to each other on the Turnpike?



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I had heard of the Cheat and Yough, but didn't know anything about them. I've been trying to find out more on the web since Semper's post, but haven't found a whole lot of info. The river isn't even marked well on some of the online maps. It looks like the upper Yough is pretty tough, one outfitter said you must be 18 and up.


Semper, how do the outfitters compare to ACE in West Virginia? You certainly recommended an outstanding group there.


I'll have to give this idea to our PLC. It's certainly a possibility for an adventure trip down the road.

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EIKY'mon, we've used this rafting outfitter in Ohiopyle. There are a number of them to chose from. They are all lined up in a row inside the park.




Here is the Laurel Caverns site...the wild tour is a good one.




Eagle90, the Youghiogheny River runs through Western Maryland, WV and PA.




I ran the Cheat River years ago when the water was low. I would definitely like to check that out in the spring.



We'll be heading up to Ohiopyle again in August, maybe we can stop by for high tea.


(This message has been edited by SemperParatus)

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We run our own whitewater rafts in the Rockies, training our guys from 14 on or whenever they get big enough to handle the oars or paddles.


We usually start them on the mild Upper Colorado(Colorado River Headwaters), but the ones they really like are the North Platte, Northgate Canyon, and Westwater Canyon (don't tell the Rangers you are Scouts - they tell you that you cant canoe it - duh!). However, the best the guys like are long trips, such as Desolation and Grays Canyon, the 82 mile run on the Green River. Its not but Class III+ at high water (this year!) but it makes up for it with 5 days on the river. We'll host an OK Troop/Crew this month there.


Does any other unit do this kind of thing? Running your own boats, etc?? We ought to get together!




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Ah yes, my favorite summer job, raft guide. Lotta water under THAT raft.


* Find the made for tv/video movie "Same River, Different Day". Very good river running scenes,(some where WAY out west) family movie. Some old friends get together for a last fling of summer trip, sons and ex's come along, look for the "room with a view" episodes.

* Good beginners trip, on the Shennandoah and Potomac, past Harpers Ferry. Look up River and Trails Outfitters in Sandy Hook MD. and Shennandoah Outfitters in Front Royal, VA.

* More advanced trips on the New river in West VA. Gauley is down there, too. Ask about water releases from the Pipe Stem Dam, they'll think you know what your talking about!


Keep your feet in the raft, please!

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