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Any Promotional Videos for BSA High Adventure?

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Does anyone know if there is some sort of video put out by National (or anyone), for promoting the three BSA High Adventure locations (Philmont, SeaBase and Northern Tier)?


We'd like to get our troop thinking ahead about their next High Adventure trip. (We did SeaBase 2 years ago.) We felt that showing a video (or videos) of Philmont and Northern Tier, at a troop meeting, would be a perfect introduction to those places.


I've tried to navigate the National Council site to see if they have anything, but gad... that's an easy place to get lost in.




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When I wrote to the sea base to inquire about openings for my crew they sent me a beautiful video highlighting all the high adventure bases. I show it every year before we plan our big summer trip. I am sure you can get this at your council or try writing philmont or the sea base telling them your troop is interested in going there and you would like more information, it didn't cost me a penny and it is a great recruiting tool.

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