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Registration - Philmont Trek and Double H Trek

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Philstaff website page for Double H still shows avaiable 2005 treks.


I'd say call Headquarters initially.


As far as 2007 registration, I suspect the online process implemented in 2003 is working just fine. Again, contact Philmont.


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In info I received after our trek this summer, it said ...

Individual Unit reservations for 2007 will take place during Oct and Nov using a web-based registration process. An information packet will be mailed to all interested units in early October, 2005. Request this packet by contacting Philmont at 505-376-2281 x225 or email camping@philmontscoutranch.org


I sent an email request and received back the same information that I received after the trek. :-) So, I'm waiting to receive more info in early Oct.


Arrival dates for 2007 12-day treks are June 8 through August 9. Cost for 12 day trek is $540 per person. Crew size is 7-12 members, including at least 2 leaders and no more than 4 leaders. Participants must be 14 by Jan. 1, 2007 OR be 13 and completed 8th grade prior to their trek date.


Scout On,



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