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Something from these pages on national's site might help:








I thought the definition provided in Language of Scouting sounded rather dull, and your post seems to indicate that you may be trying to make a pitch for it, so that's why I added the links above. I tend to think of high adventure as the more challenging activities and trips planned out by Boys Scouts as they grow in skills and maturity.

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Interesting question, what may be high adventure to one may be a walk in the park for another. What those troops in surburban Atlanta consider High Adventure may not at all thrill a Troop in suburban Anchorage. (I said Anchorage because I dont know how to spell Juneau)


To sum up High Adventure I would describe it as


Heart Pounding Excitement That Leaves You Wanting More!



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Moose -


You hit that right on the head! At one point on just about every one of our High Adventure trips, whether it's rafting, canoeing, hiking, etc., I say to myself "What am I doing here? I'm getting too old for this!". At the end of the week it is "Where are we going next year?"!


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Old Grey Eagle is correct that what may be high adventure to one is just a fun trip to another. My tastes and training go toward the higher end trips


Here is a video of our trip this summer:




movie 2005 136 Westwater.


Since my crew and troop are used to this kind of outing, they are a bit jaded for mere campouts.


One thing to note is that my ASMs and I are also professional boatmen and are all highly trained in these activities, have current Wilderness First Aid etc. But this is NOT a "don't try this at home" message. You can do it too! Not only that, but you get healthy, have more fun, and find that fun in the outdoors doesn't have to mean doing it only with Boy Scouts!


So, go out, get the training! Have more fun. Do it for yourself!


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