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Scoutmaster Ron

Yosemite Hike

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The hike to the top of El Capitan from the valley floor is probably 12 or so miles ONE WAY, with an elevation gain of nearly 4000 feet. Its a VERY strenous hike. You really need to hike in and spend some nights on the trail.


We did a trip last year, where we took a shuttle bus from the valley to the trailhead near Yosemite Creek ( off Tioga Road ), then hiked down about 6 miles and set up camp for 2 nights. We then did a day trip to the top of El Cap, about 10 miles round trip, and hiked out down the Yosemite Falls trail the last day. The views were breathtaking!


I will tell you, however, that going down that trail on the last day was one of the hardest hikes I've ever done... its steep downhill all the way, and the entire trail is made of stacked rocks... no sandy or level portions where you can walk and watch the scenery - you have to watch where you put every step, lest you twist an ankle... a spectacular hike though, you just gotta be careful.


Backcountry permits are required, and I just happen to have the phone number here because we are headed up to Half Dome on Thursday!


(209) 372-0740




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