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Anyone familiar with Washington DC ?

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Folks - Our Venture Crew is interested in touring Washington DC for a few weekdays in August; we're looking for ideas on inexpensive places for a group of about 10 to stay in the area. Camping is an option and we're hoping to find some Scout property somewhere, then using Park & Ride lots and riding the subway in and out of the DC Metro area. Any ideas or guidance on this? Thanks!

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The nearest scout property is Camp Snyder. It's undergoing conversion to a cub world camp, but I think they still allow camping there. Very small property, right off Rt 66, about 25 minutes from the Vienna Metro (1/2 hour metro ride to the Mall/monuments.) You can call the National Capital Area Council @ 301-530-9360.


That being said - Greenbelt is still probably your best option. Or try Lake Fairfax Park in Reston, VA. A little closer in than Snyder. If you're considering hotels, there are several along Columbia Pike in Arlington that are an easy 10 minute bus ride to the Pentagon Metro, and may be within budget. Email me if you need more info.


And bring water. DC humidity has been known to make the toughest men whimper for mercy. :-)



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I just returned from a quick visit. We stayed down near the White House. I took several hikes each morning and evening. With all of the homeless camping in the parks, I am guessing the Scouts could just pitch tents right there also. It would at least dress things up a little.






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