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Camporee - Scout Scavenger Hunt

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I'm thinking of proposing a scavenger hunt for this fall's camporee. I'm running into a mental road block of what they'd be able to find within a few hours of searching. My DRAFT list so far combines both objects and answers to questions:

1. Name of an Eagle Scout who's at the Camporee.

2. Name of an Eagle Scout who was President

3. Leaf Identification: FYI - we're in the Mid-Atlantic region

a. 2 Different kinds of Oak Trees

b. Maple

c. Sweetgum

d. Sassafrass (sp?)

e. Tulip Poplar

4. Evidence of animal life

5. Compass

6. Bowline

7. Canteen

8. Mess Kit (I wouldn't be surprised if this was the hardest object to find!)

9. OA Lodge Flap (still attached to uniform is OK!)

10. Whipped rope

11. Scout belt

12. Wooden tent peg

13. Name of Eagle Scout who walked on the Moon.

14. Reef knot ( sort of a trick question - I need to check the Handbook and see if this is mentioned at all. If not, I'll probably leave it off).


As you can tell, I'm at a loss as to what other nature oriented objects I could have them find. There's not deer antlers laying around out there, no shed snake skins to collect. I defer to the collective wisdom of the forum for assistance.





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Sounds like fun! Just make sure scavenger hunts are allowed in the camp.


Our local state park, which we use for our Pack overnights, specifically forbids scavenger hunts.

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- an identified rock sample. bonus if they know it is igneous, metamorphic, or sedimentary.

- cross-section of a log and age of the tree.

- sample 'leafs' from a coniferous tree and a deciduous trees.

- a fungus.

- piece of metal litter

- a seed

- a Y shaped branch

- a feather

- a lashed camp gadget

- braid something at least 6 inches from grass, bark, ...





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What direction will they be facing when handing in the answer sheet


What material is their shirt made from? (they all have tags, someone will get it)


Find at least one "lone" shoe in the campsite, extra points for more than one (helps clean up the place)

BTW emphasis these are "lost" shoes that have been weathered,the scoutmasters boots dont count!


Points for Lost soda and beer cans


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1) a scout handbook

2) a map of the camp

3) the distance between two specific points

4) the height of a specific object

5) a 20 yr service star


Tried to come up with stuff that utilized scouting skills or should be something useful or rare.


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Sounds great I may borrow that for our camporee..


Here's my ideas

-Name/number of years of longest tenured scouter on site.

-Bearing and distance between two points (adding onto gavin's idea)

-Name/elevation of highest peak in a 20(?) mile radius, bonus for compass bearing from peak to camp. (hint use a map)


Some oddballs


-Name of each Patrol leader on site

-Number of tents on site


thats all for now








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A set of black teeth.

A egg cooked in an orange.

A whittled tent stake.

Examples of each point of the Scout Law taken from a newspaper that you provide.

Paper hats for the entire patrol made from the rest of the news-paper.

A song that the patrol can sing in 3 parts.

Breaking a simple code that tells them the next thing to collect.

The tracking sign for "Gone Home"

A pot of tea made in a paper bag.

The Scout Oath written in the same simple code.

A rope ladder.

A Spanish Windless.

A Japanese Square lashing.

A bottle tied with a jug knot.

The total age of your patrol in days. (Leap years count (:

A fall Hair.


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As a related venue, you might consider a few geocaches using a few GPS units to introduce the Scouts to this exciting world-wide (and family friendly) treasure hunt. For more info, see :


Our Troop has had a geocache themed campout in the past, always researches potential geocaches near planned trips and even has a few travelbugs to place on future outings. It's addictive toyoung and old!!

G5(This message has been edited by Greeneagle5)

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Evidence of non-human mammals (scat in a baggie, plaster cast of a track, hair, nibbled acorns, etc.)


Evidence of insect life




IF every patrol had access to a camera (instant or digital) you could have a photo safari and require things like all patrol members crammed inside a tent from another unit, patrol members posing with members of another patrol with the same patrol name, and other activities designed to help them meet other Scouts, as well as most of the aforementioned ideas!

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How about some bird identification


Bald Eagle

Red-tailed hawk

turkey vulture


blue jay


male or female mallard duck

wood pecker(or evidence of)


Or mammals and where spotted in camp

black squirrel(variety of gray squirrel)




gray or red fox


squirrel nest lcation


have each list what camp trails they used and add points for something found on least used trail


name of furthest outpost

camp ranger's name


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