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I don't know. Two years ago two of our boys and the SM went on a horse trek in West Texas. They went with another troop. They had a ball. Both boys would have been about 13. The main requirement was that they have a knowledge of horses. Both had helped at Camp Carter which is the Y camp here and both had worked in the horse program.

I got my first horse when I was 3. Was breaking and training by 10. My daughter was on a horse at 6 months. And was riding on her own at 2. So age has little to do with someones ability to ride. It is experience.


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The guidelines are just that, guidelines. They are not restrictions. A scout Troop or patrol with the knowledge and experience to do a horse trek are free to do so. The chart gives leaders a general idea of activities the age group they lead should be able to do with proper training and equipment. They are not carved in stione.

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Horse treks are overnight horseback trips. Regular horseback riding is listed for all but Tigers.


Horse treks are suggested for "older" Scouts, Varsity Scouts, and Venturers.


Philmont Scout Ranch offers Cavalcade programs (horse treks) for older Scouts.



Cliff Golden

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