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Shoebox (ultimate survival) campout

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In another thread, good ol' Semper introduced the idea of a "Shoebox" campout. The idea for this "ultimate survival" campout is that the scouts bring everything for the weekend in one shoebox - food, shelter, everything except water.


I mentioned this to our PLC last month and they were all over it! Because our May waterskiing had to be postponed to July, we had a calendar gap and they quickly voted to make May our Shoebox Campout.


None of us have ever done this before, and so now I am asking for ideas and advice. What works and what doesn't?


I'm a bit concerned (only a bit) about the new Scouts who will have been on only 2 or 3 overnights by then - they don't have many of the basic skills yet. But, the May weather will be great!


This is going to be totally fun!





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What works? A big shoe box - size 14s are better than size 9s.


We had some boys decide to go solo - pack their food, space blanket, etc in an individual box. We had scouts in a couple patrols decide to split it up - one box had all their shelter materials, a couple of boxes had all their food. In the end, I don't think it matters - there is only so much space.


Just about everyone had a cheap space blanket - those that didn't made a ground cover out of natural materials. There was a couple of kids that cooked using sterno, but most of it was dry food (we did cheat and have water coolers available so that at least no one became dehydrated).


A few people were smart enough to glue some padding to the bottom of their boxes for use as pillows. The lid makes a good tray, cutting board, rain shelter, fan, frisbee, etc.


Our activity that weekend was an innertube trip and historic site visits.


Have fun!

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The youngster that lives in my house mentioned that boots (as in the cowboy variety) come in a pretty good-sized shoebox. So a size 13 pair of Ropers might have a box large enough to hold most anything!


Now, I have to wonder, what about the guys that wear those "cargo" pants that have enough pockets to carry another shoebox full of stuff?

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I would say to stop by www.equipped.org and review some of the ideas for survival kits.


It is an excellent source for ideas about what needs to be in a survival kit as well as superior equipment reviews. He designs kits as small as an Altoids candy tin up to suitcase sizes for lifeboats.


Check out the 7 essentials list. From there add to fill your shoe boxes. I would recommend:


- Poncho, military(Tent, tarp, sleeping bag, rain protection)

- Space blanket

- Duct Tape

- Firestarter (Disposable lighter, BSA Hot Spark, tinder)

- Knife

- LED Headlight or flashlight

- Metal Cup (boil water, cook food, cook pot & plate)

- Spoon

- Rope (1/8"x50' braided nylon or 550 paracord)

- First Aid Kit

- Food



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While talking about this a bit with my (non-

outdoorsy) sister, she mentioned that a cell phone and some cash would fit quite nicely in a shoe box. So - how close is the nearest pizza delivery place to your campground, and how far of a hike out to the road to meet the pizza guy?


Not that *I* would do something like that...... just a funny thought.



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