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OGE doesnt call me the Princess of Percipitation for nothing.


It seems to be a proven fact that I bring the rain..any and all of the time I go camping. Last summer was particularly wet, and many attribute it to the fact that I was on camp staff...last year my national camping school was nearly flooded out because of rain -- we had three inches of rain in the first 24 hours and a horrific thunder storm during our Scoutcraft outpost. Some of my other favorite wet trips included a backpacking rainstorm...I suppose they dont call it Thunder Swamp for nothing (ironically, the little brother and his troop were backpacking in the same area...I am known around the council for the weather I bring), our last council event which was attended 7000 boys had quite the thunderstorm on Saturday evening and all evening events including a big concert, and another one of OGE's favorite Princess of Pericipatation stories is a trip that I didnt even attend, but I was nearby when the troop left for a camp out to Gettysburg, so I offered my services to help them pack up and saw them off...they had flash flooding and a storm that brought hail the size of golf balls.


It wouldnt be a crew outing if it didnt rain.

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