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Mt. LeConte Lodge Hike

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Note that the Lodge will require reservations at least 1 year in advance. It is worth it and the food is excellent.

There are many approaches but the Alum Cave trail is the shortest and generally regarded at steepest.


There is a AT shelter here as well, but I am not clear on the current reqs. for reservations. Contact the G.S.N.P. Park Office.


When are you going?


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I did this with an Explorer post many years ago when they were more of a venturing post. We took the Boulevard trail after starting from Newfound Gap. Did it in January. I think winter is the best time but you will need trail crampons. We came down the Alum Cave Bluff trail and it was solid ice in all the worst places. I think it was a great trip.

Years later my wife and I went up the Alum Cave Bluff trail to LeConte but just for lunch. Got charged by a bear, long story. Great fun though! Hope you come away with lots of good memories.

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The shelter holds 12 and has been recently rebuilt. It used to be the worst, most abused shelter in the park but hopefully that has changed.


Personally, I'd choose the shelter over the Lodge but that's just me. The kids would certainly like it (especially at the tail end of a backpacking trip) and THAT is what is important.


I disagree, any scout can hike those trails. Just allow your fellas plenty of time and rest break as often as needed. Stronger guys help the not so strong.


This was a March high adventure trip in the area.


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