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Camping in Washington D.C. area

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We are trying to plabn a trip next spring (2004) to our nations capital, does anyone have any ideas where we can stay in close proximity to Washington D.C. I know there arn't any scout camps but what about state parks or military bases. Thanks in advance.


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Our guys just got back from a trip to D.C. They had tried to find a Scout camp, and as you found, nothing close. Then they tried to con an alumnus of the Troop (Eagle Scout, now works for the CIA) into letting them flop on the floors of his apartment. His roommates vetoed that, so they tried Military bases, and got a very cold shoulder. they ended up staying at a Howard Johnson's in Maryland.


Costs more and certainly isn't "camping", but on the flip side, it was more convenient than most anywhere they could have stayed, and their uniforms all stayed reletively nice (they went to the laundrymat once during their 5 days their).


The trip costs $95.00 for gas and hotel (4 guys per room, 5 nights). they loaded up every day at the continemtal breakfast, and made sandwhiches that they alternated carrying around for lunch. Dinners ranged from Taco Bell to Pizza Hut. Dinner, admissions, and transit fares, plus soveniers, were out of pocket for each guy. My son came back having spent $140.00 in addition to the original $95.00


It wasn't cheap, but my son can't quit talking about it.


Also, if you want to get in to some of the neat stuff, like the Pentagon, make arrangements at least 4 weeks ahead.



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My sons troop went to Wash . d.c. during April vac . They camped in Greenbelt state park , Geenbelt Md . Right outside Wash .DC.. Very affordable I believe . I went as well ,my first time and it was great .Keep the ? coming .

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You shouls look for national parks to stay at. There are a lot of places very close to the metro, which if your scouts have never been on will entertain them. This will take you right to where ever you want to go within walking distance and you don't have to deal with DC traffic. If you need details pm me, i live in MD and go to DC a lot.



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As I live and work in this area let me take a stab at this.

If you are looking for a Camp area around the DC area there are a lot to choose from. One of our favorites is here at the Marine Coup base Quantico.

Lunga Park has a lot to offer. E-mail me and I'll give you their numbers and point of contact for reservations.


There may be areas available for scouts to use for the day/night on base. I have run a similar program while stationed as Scott AFB IL. I'll check with contacts on Quantico to see what is available.



"A Good old Beaver too"


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