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Dude, we have tried everything..I have never understood why therma-rest don't issue the problem. I mean it's like the Porsche of sleeping pad's..I don't know how many times, I have wound up at the bottom of the tent..now a lot of these wood-working stores sell this pad to go under your router projects and it works good too!

But it's pretty costly...

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Two words should fix the problem:


Holiday Inn :)


But then again, I have no children and am all "camped out."


Just thought I'd stick in a little fun. Good luck with your sleeping pads.


Please remember, slippery or not, they sound a lot better than the little hunk of non-poruse foam I used from 1979 to 1996 -- in my Boy Scout and DE days.


And, truth be told, I prefer a good Mariott to the Holiday Inn any day. I enjoy the USA Today on my stoop every morning.





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Sometimes i get these goofy ideas......


I used to sew my kids clothes, and it seems to me that something like the fabric on kiddie 'sleeper' feet would work for non-skid. they are little rubber dots on fabric.


We also do alot of crafts - craft sweatshirt paints have a 'tacky' touch to them - some brands are 'slicker' than others - the ones with glitter in them might actually have a little 'teeth' to them.


Why not get some of these fabric paints and 'dot' or 'stripe' your sleeping pad? It wouldn't add any noticable weight, still waterproof/ airtight - i can't see that it would damage the pad any - and it would probably make it less slippery.


what do ya think???




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This is a simple fix and it works without much fuss.


Use seam sealer (like you use on your tent seams) mix it 50/50 with mineral spirits (or the appropriate thinner for whatever variety of sealer you use) and using a thin brush (like a craft brush) paint thin lines of the mixture in a non-skid pattern on your thermarest pad or better yet, your tent floor. I personally just do parallel wavy lines.

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