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50 Miler in Yosemite?

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We're beginning to plan for a 50 Miler next summer (June '04). One possibility is Yosemite, perhaps starting in Yosemite Village, perhaps at Tuolomne Meadows, perhaps at Glacier Point. It looks, for example, like a nice hike could begin in the Village, head northeast, and loop around for a return down the Yosemite Falls trail.


There are innumerable other possibilities, including the John Muir Trail, starting from Glacier Point, beginning at Hetch Hetchy, etc., etc.


I'm sure many have any experience in planning a 50 Miler with a route like this: I'd appreciate being able to benefit from that experience!


- Alan



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Contact the Greater Yosemite Area Council in Modesto as they have several trail award programs centered around hiking in Yosemite.


Another place for great hiking in the general area would be the Golden Trout region near King Canyon, but this should be considered only for older scouts since it's somewhat isolated....

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