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Need replacement poles

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First- Campmor will give you a discout of about 10% if you pay with a check from your troop/ pack account.


Second - try the Eureka outlet store at 607-779-2265. They may have lower prices.


Third - Try the Eureka Customer Service Dept. Sorry I don't have the phone number. They are usually VERY accomodating to their customers. Tell them that you are a scout leader and see what happens.


If all else fails try this.... TA Enterprises at 800-266-9527. They are a third party supplier of tent poles. I haven't spoken to them in quite some time, but they were pretty good when I used them.



Good Luck


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Call The Johnson Worldwide Parts at 1-800-572-8822. They are the Parent Company. When you buy them, Buy a whole frame assembly. Its a lot cheaper than just 4 poles and you get connectors and ridge pole for less than 4 side poles.



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nldscout's idea makes ALOT of sense - you might ask the price on the whole assembly from all the different suppliers, with a BSA discount. Not only will you get a better price, but you will have spares for future repairs!


We sent a tent to Johnson for a replacement zipper, they were extremely helpful, fast and inexpensive. they gave us a scout discount, and shipping was speeded up because I used a (personal) credit card for payment.


We also have a spare set of poles, and a tent repair kit (zipper tabs, stake loops, patches and eyelets) from them very reasonably.


I would recomend them highly.



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