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Neck gaiter; best $5 you'll ever spend

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Just got back from District Klondike, and when I was outfitting my son, I got him something he was a little skittish about at first, but it saved his bacon over the weekend when it got below freezing.


I call them neck gaiters, but they're called other things too. Basically, it's a tube of polypropolene that you pull over your head, and it sits around your neck. If you need more head coverage, you pull the top of the thing up around your ears and the top of your head. If you need still more, you can pull part of it up from the bottom and have nothing but your eyes showing. If you need just a stocking cap, you can fold it into one of those, too. Or just a headband. Amazingly versatile, and meets that time-honored requirement of backpackers that one item do at least two different things.


I was running a station at Klondike, and I saw several Scouts with these neck gaiters, and as a measure of merit, he wouldn't take it off the whole weekend!


Check these things out if you've never seen them.



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