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I am a little confused about the use of liquid fuel for cooking stoves, lanterns, etc. Being a new Assistant Scoutmaster, I was informed that the use of liquid fuel appliances on scout outings was not allowed, yet in the camping merit badge book, these appliances (specifically stoves) are mentioned. What exactly is BSA policy on the use of liquid fuel by scouts on troop or patrol outings?


Any information I can get on this will be extremely helpful.



Steve Harter

Asst Scoutmaster

Troop 2, PA Dutch Council

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There is no general prohibition against using liquid fuel stoves in Scouting. The Guide to Safe Scouting has a chapter that discusses fuels and fire. It says in part "Knowledgeable adult supervision must be provided when Scouts are involved in the ... (storage, handling, filling, or lighting)... ". Obviously you have to provide the training, and use common sense. Some individual BSA camps have prohibitions on liquid fuel, usually where there is a high fire danger.


In our troop we train the new kids to use the propane stove, and when they are proficient, and advanced a rank or two, we train them to use the liquid fuel stove. Knowledge, maturity, and rank has it's perks.

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As FScouter points out, there is no general prohibition against liquid fuel stoves. I have occasionally encountered local prohibitions for specific events such as camporees. I think you should assume that liquid fuel stoves are permissible unless someone in authority tells you otherwise.

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Thank you all for your answers - this does clear it up for me. I know we weren't allowed to use liquid fuel at our camporees and at one of the scout camps we went to, so I simply assumed that this applied "across the board" for BSA.


I like the approach to start them out on propane or butane stoves first and progress to the use of liquid fuel as they get older and/or more experienced. I may even make that suggestion to our Scoutmaster.


Thanks again to all of you.



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