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Would you cook it on a rock?

Could you cook it in your sock?


Can you cook it in a box?

And then serve it with some lox?


Not on a rock, not in a sock,

Not in a box, not with some lox.


Ed don't like this talk of SPAM,

Ed won't eat his eggs with SPAM.



SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, SPAM, Lovely SPAM, Wonderful SPAM!


Hey, were those Minnesota Vikings singing?

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'Or as it was approprialty put in a Month Python skit


"I don't like spam"


Ed Mori


Troop 1

1 Peter 4:10'




You deliver that line so convincingly. You wanna try it again? Here put this old kercheif on your head first ;^)

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A few years back on a back pack campout, I brought out my dinner. Pine nut Cous Cous and Spam. The Cous Cous are great all you do is add boiling water, mix in the flavor packet and you are done. I take the cous cous out of the box and bring them in double baggies. The best news is cous cous are not near as expensive as most dehydrated meals


The kids were mildly interested in the cous cous but went wild over the spam. Everyone wanted a taste until I realized, hey this was my dinner. The kids had heard of spam, sang the Spam song but never had tasted it. Started a Spam craze. During the Outdoor Experience for Woodbadge, I suggested scrambled eggs and Spam. Went over great, especially since we used smoked flavored spam. I made some Spam converts on that trip.


Besides whats not to like about Spam? I dont want to sound too much like Bubba from "Forrest Gump"


You can eat Spam from the can, if you want to fry it, it provides its own oil/grease, you can deep fry it as was mentioned, you can scramble it with eggs, you can mix it with spaghetti, you can mix it in with mashed potatoes (instant of course) you never have to worry about cooking it long enough, you dont have to refrigerate it its the perfect food!


Wait, no, Pizza is the perfect food, Pizza with Spam? Now thats sublime!!


There is:

Regular Spam

Turkey Spam

Sodium Reduced Spam

Smoke Flavored Spam


There is also Spam Lite, which is a reduced fat Spam product which I hold in the same comtempt as I do Fat-free Twinkies, both are crimes against God and nature.


As a scout, my troop went to the Grand Canyon, trail lunches were Spam and crackers or PB&J and crackers.


I love SPAM(This message has been edited by OldGreyEagle)

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At Wood Badge I learned (no not from the course, one of the patrol members is in the food service He would eat Spam but not Hot dogs!) that Spam is not made from "junk" animal parts, it is a very high quality food product! A "little" high is salt though.

Spam is ok if cooked for my taste buds, but my favorite is Vienna hot dogs!


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Spam, yum! Best thing Uncle Sam ever inflicted on the populace. I like my mama's recipe best (duh!) - kind of like Spam Stroganoff:


Fry up some sliced potatoes and onions, then the Spam cut in strips

Add Cream of Mushroom soup

Add a dollop of sour cream

and a splash of milk (if necessary)

S & P to taste


Soup and milk can be powdered, then you only add water. Hit Wendy's for the small packets of sour cream and freeze. It makes a super camp dinner for about 4, maybe more.


Husband says his favorite is to dip Spam in beaten egg and fry. Then scramble the eggs.

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Memories of School Lunches, at Holy Cross in London.

Deep Fried Spam,in the same batter that was used for the fish on Friday (The same oil?)

Cooked at least two hours, before it was served, left to sit in a pool of luke warm spam juice and grease.

Someone has informed me that Spam, is Spiced Ham, and was a item that the Americans, thought up to help us poor Brits, when food was hard to get during world war two.

Come to think of it maybe the nuns at Holy Cross, got a good deal on some of the early shipments !!

Who knows there may be a law for Nuns that states A Nun,is Thrifty.

I think that I have heard that some place else.

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What is Pine nut Cous Cous?


My favorite way to cook spam is in those little round pie makers, two slices of bread lathered in butter, with chedder cheese. cooked until golden brown

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