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Bump for Mike F


Chief Decorah

Thanks if the ASM that is setting up the trip has been there twice before, if any question come up I will be sure to ask.



The plan is for some canoeing and hiking this trip will be an easy one for mostly 13 year olds.

For the BWCA we are going into Canada, once I get more info I will let you know.



You can ignore the email I found your info on this thread.

thanks again!

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We got lucky and snagged a private rafting permit on the San Juan River for a 6 day 87 mile raft trip in July.


We will also do a short shake down to get the Scouts used to running their boats on the Snake.


Spring Break we go climbing in Moab.



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My troop from Arkanas is headed to Southern Colorado to a camp run by the Rocky Mountain Council. While in camp they will do rock climbing, rappelling, white water rafting on the Arkansas River. On the way out they will get to experience two different BSA run Indian Dance groups including the famous Koshare Dancers.

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Our Troop will be rafting on the Snake south of Jackson over Memorial Day weekend, and we could take a few along. We run our own boats so there is no charge since we don't use an outfitter, but you have to help work.


If you are interested, please reply.

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We've allready done our winter high adventure for 2003. We camped with Candian Scouts in northern B.C. March 23-25. we had 12-20 feet of snow into which we dug snowcaves.


The 23rd was spent digging the snow caves and setting up the rest of the camping area. the 24th was for competitive events and the snowcave judging.


Temps stayed mostly in the low to high 20's with occasional light snow, the afternoon of the 24th the skies cleared off and we were treated to a night of temps that dropped to single digits and a star field that mere words cannot describe

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Venturing Crew 80


Gander Mountain Charter

Germantown WI.


is going to Hanna Venture Base in Rhinelander WI. For basic SCUBA certification and open water certification and Ship Wreck diving on one of the great lakes


We also go for the Week of gun deer hunting in WI.


next year we plan on going to Alaska!!!


Anybody want to join!!!



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I have been very impressed with the runs of high adventure activities shown here, which seem so rare with most of BSA.


Would anyone be interested in setting up a High Adventure Special Interest network though this website, or another to keep track of what is going on, and promote High Adventure as a more common occurrance in BSA?



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JB -


Sounds like an excellent idea. I too believe the High Adventure program is what holds the scouts in the program longer. There have been times when our troop has had more high school boys that Jr. High boys. Not a totally healthy situation, but as long as they are interested in Scouting, the better off we all are. I'm always looking for new ideas for places to go and exciting things to do.

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What would be a good format? Could we do a separate webpage connected with this server?


There are lots of separate links that would be interesting to gather together. I know of one that some Scouters have put together that list camps and other places that Scouts can go for camping.


I would like to see a reference listing not only destinations, but resources, for instance I teach whitewater rafting.


What about setting up joint 'expeditions.'


Cheap places to get gear, teaching techniques, well, one could go on.


My problem is that I am an awful web page designer, and use one of my V Crew members to work that magic.


Any suggestions?



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In March we did two HA trips at the same time. Each designed for different ability levels.


The first was designed for our hard core older boys. A 59 mile 6 night backpacking trip through the Smoky Mountains.


The second was designed as an intro to HA. This group was a maintenance group. They started with a two day hike in the Smokies. Then met up with a backcountry ranger who taught them the principles of Leave No Trace and how to conduct trail and campsite construction and maintenance. They they went to work. They completed 23 water bars (to fight trail erosion) and built a new foot bridge on the Smokemont Loop Trail in the Great Smoky Mountains NP. We left some time for swimming and fishing too.


In the summer I hope to offer a week long canoe or raft trip on a river near us. (plenty of nice ones to choose from.)

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Hey, we are beginning to network here! We could set up a section of this proposed webpage offering trips, as Mike is suggesting!


Well, I can do some stuff if you are in the WYO area.


Also, My Troop every summer takes out a Scout group from elesewhere on either a rock climb or a river trip (we could also do a Colo 14er). These are a situations where we train the boys in the actual techniques and skills necessary.


For whitewater rafting, we go over such things as running and managing of whitewater rafts (we use our own (or borrowed) boats. We do a bit on reading water, safety, self and assisted rescue, righting flips, etc. and even waterfights.


We already have one group going with us to the San Juan R, UT this year, but next year would be open.




(Through my company we do something similar with pro training, at cost...if that is of interest, contact me privately.)



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Hi Hopps and all


Hopps-Scout stated above that we could make up such a webpage. I think that this is a great idea, does anyone else concur? If we have several respondents we could set up some kind of webpage right here on Scouter.com that can be accessed by anyone interested.


Any other takers...I'm in!



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