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Looking for camp gadgets

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Tripod to hold cooking pot


Tripod to hold "dribble can" for hand washing


Two spars lashed crosswise to two trees, one in front of the trees, one behind it. Dig a trench along parralel to the spars and you have a medium duty latrine


Use two square lashings to make what would look like a horse "hitch rail" but hang strings with large hooks on them for a cup rack

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Here are couple of good sites. The first has pics of over 70 pioneering projects. Gates, gadgets, etc.,etc. All downloadable, free. Also a book on cd "Fun with Rope & Spars", 165 pages, don't know how much. www.hurricanedistrict.org/pioneering.htm .

The next has the above and how to build primative shelters and other things. www.scoutingresources.org.uk/pioneering_shelters.html

I hope this helps, our boys have already built several of the projects and loved it.

little dove


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I am probabley a bit late to be of much help, but I figured why not try and help anyway...


There is a whole section at InsaaneScouter devoted to Pioneering. You may find them at http://insanescouter.com/t276/files/Knots/index.html'>http://insanescouter.com/t276/files/Knots/index.html ... then scroll to the bottom of the page



http://insanescouter.com Webmaster


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Dutch oven lid lifter.

Tripod for leaders coffe pot.

Tripod for boys hot chocolate.

Talking stick. Used a campfire indicting the scout ththas the floor, rock?,log?.

Rock tongs,used to lift heating rocks out of fire, or stew.

Have the boys make a fork.

Patrol flag stands.


Hope this helps.


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forgot one, short length of rope with a monkey fist on one end and a loop splice on other. Overall length about 6 inches with a weight in th middle of the monkey fist. Used to throw ropes either over a branch for bear bags or to heave a rope. Use a sheet bend to attach the ropes.

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