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Amazing Program Concepts, (but who are they?)

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Hey Gorge,

Are you writing your book about Gorge walking ha ha ha just like that guy peter cliff who wrote about Navigation you English are so funny.

Anway I haven't gone to look at this site yet but you guys are so excited about it I m about to surf over there right now and check it out I mean this can't be so reveoloutionary can it??

Anyway a trip to Ireland sounds cool maybe wes hould set up some sort of Mafikeng Mecca where scouters forum runs an annual tour to see the worlds greatest scout troop in action.

Which gives me an idea how about a competition to find the worlds best scouting troop via the web I mean these guys Mafikeng are probably gign to win but hey I thin my troop could be in with a shot. Who is on??


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Is there an echo here??

anyway I think the competition sounds fun. I'll start looking for sites to nominate then we tell the forum everyone takes a look and votes then you the person who nominates the best site wins. But Jude what is the prize???

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WEll Martha you just get working and let me take care of the Prize !!!! (whats your address?) anyway who else is in to Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin

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hey that was quick.

http://www.mafikeng.ontheweb.com now has their Syllabuses up under 'Corp System' now, i just checked...I'll read through them myself.

Efficient too...! I reckon they are in for a prize in ur comp jude.

I'll have a look around too, most troops seem to have a fairly basic layout and similar content. MAFIKENG MANUAL seems different. My troop dosn't have a site ;-(


BTW, my book is on cooking. 'CAMP COOKING WITH CHEF TONI'...

The publishers here went for it like a light.


well....let's search!


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