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Commissioner Award for Excellence in Unit Service

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Quick question...


In 2011 National announced the Commissioner Award for Excellence in Unit Service and we promptly got the progression sheets out to all our Unit Commissioners as this award fits nicely into the current progression plan of our Commissioners. The physical award (knot or certificate) doesn't seem to exist yet, so as folks complete these requirements, we are left sitting on the completed progression sheets. In trying to research this, I've heard "internet" rumors about this award being phased out at the end of 2013. Does anyone have any info on this particular award? When it will be available?, if ever. I think it is kinda silly to introduce an award, but not make it available to actually award. This one is less fluff than most and really fits into our training plan for new Commissioners. Any info would be great, I'm sure someone here is following this. Thanks.

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Well, I do believe that the tenure requirements was two years, and that was based on the award introduction date (set to June 1, 2011) -- so, my guess is, there was no "rush" to have the knot ready before June 1, 2013. (We were told the *only* thing that could be backdated was training.)


The BSA, in general, is looking at the awards that are available. And while I don't think the award itself will go away, I think the form the recognition takes, will change.


We are moving "back" to using "devices" and less separate knots (I have a Scouters Key with a Cubmaster, Scoutmaster & Commissioner devices [prior to 1987 you could get a Cubmaster Key - but it took 3 years]) - so I expect we will see that one of the "commissioner knots" will be selected to be the base award and they will make devices for the rest (Unit Service, Distinguished Commission, Doctor of Commissioner Science).


Honestly, no mention was made of this while I was at "Commissioners' Week" at PTC last month. So, this is just my own pure speculation. ("Flavored" with knowledge gained from the Cub award changes, and 36 years as an adult leader ...)


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Interesting take on this, we thought tenure would be based off your actual tenure registered in that position if still registered as that presently. The progression sheet says only serve 2 years in this posistion and that tenure cannot overlap (like the other awards of this type). It didn't say 2 years since the introduction of this award and it's not as much backdating as counting current service in that job. I think it would be "backdating" if the tenure was 2008-2010 for example. If it was 2008-Present though, that should qualify an individual as long as the tenure was not used toward another award. This would allow Commissioners serving before the award was introduced and still currently serving in that role to qualify for this award before the date you mentioned in 2013. Just a thought, we have always understood "no backdating" meant to avoid every long time Scouter earning every award the day it is introduced because they completed the requirements years ago. I wouldn't say it applies to those presently serving in the role as their tenure goes to current, just my thoughts on it.

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I only bring this up because roundtables are starting up again, and the progression cards will be going out to all leaders, and I wanted to combine the available Commissioner awards into a "training and performance tool" instead of just handing out the progression cards. We will have many new folks moving into these roles this year and it would be an excellent guide for them to spot-check themselves over the coming years. Just wanted to have the best info as this particular award would be part of this progression timeline. If anyone can answer the question posed in my above post concerning "backdating" it would be helpful for our long serving folks and in general. Thanks.

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From Scout Wire:



"The training requirements are the only areas that are retroactive. All other requirements had to been earned from May 2011.


The square knot will be available from local council Scout shops/Supply for distribution in May 2013."


I know one of the task force members, and he had mentioned this to us on the LinkedIn Commissioner Forum -- but I knew I had seen the same information "in print" somewhere. So, I dug through the back issues of "The Commissioner", then moved on to Scout Wire.


Hope this helps.


BTW - it will be interesting to hear of some of the "projects" that the UCs are doing with their local units.

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