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Class "A" Dress Uniform

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Late to the discussion, but I've seen more LDS scouts in shorts than not. Some adults choose not to wear them for modesty, but the boys definitely wear them out here in the desert. I suspect the new switchbacks were cut more towards the knee to accommodate the LDS.


IF the CO has a policy on appropriate attire and the COH is being held on their premises, I can see a justification for accommodating their custom. Personally, I'd be finding another location for the COH if that were the case...

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You guys are clutching at straws. If the CO had religious objections why would the only be enforced for COHs? Wouldn't religious principles apply for regular troop meetings and activities too? How about Scout Sunday/Sabbath?


Sound like an ordinary over-reaching troop committee to me.


If there is some extra-special event (like a really important flag ceremony) I can see the purpose of Class A+ Formal or whatever it is. But otherwise a proper uniform is a proper uniform which includes the various permutations.

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So I'm curious, how often do boys not get their awards on stage?


Which of the "requirements" for uniforming is the biggest issue?



I grew up in West Texas, didn't own a pair of scout pants, scout shorts all the way through.


Now I did encounter a rule in the orientation for my upcoming woodbadge that they told us "no white shoes". I'm happy if I can get people to halfway uniform, so are these over the top rules common?

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The activity uniform (often called ClassA) is the pants and tan shirt, belt, socks and sturdy shoes or boots. The field uniform is a scout themed tee shirt and pants (often called classB).


It is my belief that it is within the rights of the adult leadership to state what the expectations of the unit are. The uniform is part of the program. Those boys that can't afford a uniform may visit our uniform closet.


No, the boys do not get to chose if the uniform is part of the program. They may choose to not wear it.

Venture Crews DO choose their uniform.


No unit may withhold participation or advancement because of a lack of uniform. Split directives on the aims and implementation.


"Show me a poorly uniformed troop and I will show you poorly uniformed leaders."

True 100 years ago, true today. Your scouts will reflect what YOU model.(This message has been edited by Second class)

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LDS units don't have a specific religious problem with shorts. If the COH (or any other meeting)is held in the chapel, then that would be a respect issue, and shorts would be extremely frowned upon. Not specifically forbidden, but it had better be a "These are the only clothes I have" situation, not a "I didn't feel like getting gussied up.". Anywhere else in the building and shorts would be fine unless.


Adults do have to make sure the shorts reach to the knee. I wear my switchbacks as shorts almost daily and they meet our requirements well enough.


On the original question, yeah, in theory it should be up to the PLC, but there are times when an "adult override" is appropriate. Perhaps the rule was put in place at the insistence of the IH to make sure that proper decorum is maintained? The PLC should be running the troop, but they do need to stay within whatever guidelines are set by the IH (and BSA).

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2nd Class,


You got it backwards. Field Uniform is the tan and green (Boy Scouts and Webelos using BS option), all blue (all Cubs including Webelos), and green and grey (Venturing).


The current Activity Uniform is scout related t-shirt or polo, belt, shorts or pants, and socks.


From 1989-98, the Activity Uniform was khaki shorts and a colored polo shirt based upon what you were ( red for Boy Scouts, maroon for Boy Scouts in what was called a venture crew, now a venture patrol, and khaki for Varsity) No polos for Exploring, and eventually a blue polo for Cub leaders came about.

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"You got it backwards. Field Uniform is the tan and green (Boy Scouts and Webelos using BS option), all blue (all Cubs including Webelos), and green and grey (Venturing). "


I plead brain cramp.


Perhaps this is why so many use the terms Class A and B!

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Letters to Scouting Magazine - Saluting in uniform


In addition to the official Class A Scout uniform, the BSA also has a Class B uniformofficial Scout pants or shorts with a troop or camp T-shirt. My question regards protocol during flag ceremonies: Should a Scout use the Scout salute while in a Class B uniform or place his right hand over his heart?


Christopher Dillon

Assistant Scoutmaster, Troop 24

Bloomsburg, Pa.


The response from Scouting Magazine:


First, when referring to uniforms, Class A and Class B are military terms that are not used in the BSA. The correct Scouting terms for the two versions of the uniform are "official uniform" and "activity uniform." Although less formal, the activity uniform is still considered an official uniform, and therefore it is appropriate for boys to use the Scout salute while wearing it during a flag ceremony.





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