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I recently turned 18, and was approached by the district activities chair to help plan and run the district camporees. Does this make me part of the district activities committee? Am I elligable to wear the position patch for the district committee?

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To officially be on the District Committee you should complete an adult leader application.


Unit Scouters (Packs, Troops and such) fill in their unit type at the top line of the application, while Council or District positions are identified to the right of the unit type on that top line.


Your District Activities Chair, District Executive or District Chairman should be glad to have you complete that application and be officially recognized as a district leader.



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My son and his fiance just went through this.. I guess fiance is still going through it for a few weeks..


The 18 to 21 age is weird.. As with a unit committee, officially you can not register as being on the committee until 21. But both were on the district committee. Son was on the Eagle board since 18 & also part of Training.. His fiance I gave the position of Vice Chair of Training. Both were treated as part of the district committee.. The filled out the registration for DC but, could not officially be DC until 21..


We still let them wear the silver epilets.. Sons fiance has been voted in as Member at Large in March, though she can't pass her registration in for a few weeks.. So you could say her Member at Large status is in a holding pattern until then.


The rule mongers on the board will of course come by and tsk, tsk, us not following the rules.. But our DC was all for getting those 18-on up (younger blood) on board.. I guess it will be up to your District Committee how much of rule followers they are.. But, as for getting registered as DC or registered as a Member at Large.. That will end up waiting.. Really though the only voting our committee does is to vote each year who the Members at Large are.. So you won't miss much there.. Otherwise if they are a welcoming group, you probably wont see a difference of if registered or not..

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