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What are your multiple uniforms

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When I was a scout I always had one uniform with everything that I had earned on it. Being in West Texas it was short sleeve with BSA shorts and knee socks.


When I worked at Philmont I wore the full uniform every day and had three copies. One had a council strip and my two knots. The others were blank but for the shoulder loops and a staff arrowhead. Obviously included shorts and socks.


Now, I have one of the poplin short sleeves with all the appropriate stuff on it for my role in the pack along with oa, knots, service stars, etc. I'm going to start being eligible for several of the knots over the next couple years and debating...if I have two shirts should I do one with everything and one with sleeve patches only? I'm thinking there are times when the full resume is helpful and times when it helps to blend into the crowd. Maybe one long sleeve and one short sleeve being that we have winter in Colorado. The switchbacks help with that.


So, I guess my question is, how many uniforms do you have and what's the reasoning for any differences, besides multiple positions.

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I have seven uniforms. I have two Green Venturer shirts. one older model and one of the new stretch models. Also have one pair of the new stretch pants. I have 5 Scouting shirt, long and short sleeve. I have one set with Troop patches, and one set with ADC Patches. I have 5 pants, and short too. I have staffed WB and will be staffing WB and NYLT this summer, so I need several uniforms.

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Here's what I can think of off the top of my head.


1 Tan DL uniform

1 tan CS RT commissioner

1 tan ASM ( being stored)

1 1970s green shirt ( being stored)

1 green OA assoc adv.

1 green national (too big now, but it's stored.

1 pre-2002 Sea Scout blue white dress 'Pirateical costume"

1 Dress White uniform

1 working khaki uniform

1 professional uniform


Also in my closet is what was suppose to be my wife's vintage 1950s den mom uniform. Unfortunately she changed her mind about being a leader, which in retrospect may be a very good thing. She's a definite helicopter mom.


Ok I admit I'm specifically mentioning tops since with pants, socks, etc are pretty much interchangable among the tan and green shirts, and the gray pants with the green shirts. I don't know how many shorts, pants and switchbacks I have, nor socks.


Well I do know I have 12 pairs of old Knee socks. :)


OK going to put on the commissioner uniform and visit a camp. Where are those blasted knee socks at ;)

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I've got an oscar de larenta shirt, from '85, that I've used in town for years (meetings and such). Frankly, it's getting a little threadbare and while it still fits, the buttons show strain at times. It's on the verge of becoming my outdoor shirt.


Pants: last edition of the ODL...quite horrible, these pants, in terms of comfort and design and appearance, but they fine for meetings and dinners and such.


My outdoor shirt, which I recently retired, was a superbly made long sleeve from the '50s. Material wore like iron but was comfortable. Looked good too. Minimal patches--eagle knot and the BSA strip. Well, outgrew that and regretfully donated it to charity. Perhaps someone else can benefit from it. I wore it on campouts for nearly 20 years and it was still in good shape.


A couple years ago, when BSA supply was selling ODL shirts for five bucks, I picked up 2 that were circus tent size. Had them tailored and they are actually pretty nice shirts.


No centennial uniforms...that whole project has a stigma to me.

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One yellow blouse with Pack Trainer (soon to be Cubmaster) insignia

One yellow blouse with Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner insignia

Two pairs blue shorts, one pair blue trousers (I wish they made ladies blue Switchbacks), two pairs blue culottes, one blue wrap around skirt.

One tan ODL short sleeve blouse with Troop Committee insignia

One tan new style long sleeve shirt with District Committee insignia

One pair old style green switchbacks

One pair ODL green trousers

One pair ODL green shorts

One ODL green skirt


All of the above fit (mostly)


My Cub Scout Trainer Wood Badge blouse is too small, but I've kept it as a memento.


I also have some vintage Cub Scout den mother uniform parts including a skirt and blouse and a dress with a belt. I have to work harder on acquiring appropriate neck gear. I could wear these, if I got my act together and put insignia on them.


I have two navy blue berets (these were Cub Scouter wear in the era of the red berets for Boy Scouts) and a blue hat that was issued with the ODL uniform when it was first introduced. And I have a blue 'Aussie' style hat that they sold for a while in the 90's


Socks and neckerchiefs to numerous to account for.

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I have 2 Centennial Uni Tops. 1 for the Troop I serve, 1 for the Pack I serve. I also have an ODL top that was my first Scouter Uni when Scoutson started as a Tiger (where did that time go?)


I was able to get the first switchbacks (with the boot zippers) for 5.00 at Scoutstore when they discontinued them (wish I had picked up a couple extra at the time). Also just picked up the latest switchbacks during the BOGO sale.


As far as the "walking resume", I only have my TCDL knot on my Cub Scout Uni, I think I'm eligible for the Scouter training Knot, if I ever filled the paperwork out, I might put it on my Troop Uni.I also wear my WB beads on Special occasions. But I don't plan on putting CS knots on the Troop Uni. I think they should stay seperate. JMO though.

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6 short sleeve shirts

2 for the Troop (Assistant Scoutmater)

3 for the Pack (Cubmaster)One brand new. The others have small stains and blemishes.

1 for (Unit Commissioner)


1 old style shorts

1 centennial pants

2 old style pants

1 nylon zip off pants

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I've bought way too many scout shirts over the year.


My trouble is most tend to wearout over the years.


For my eighteen year old son, I bought two blue cub shirts and six boy scout shirts (size changes, camp staff and jamboree requirements).


My other sons have each had at least three shirts each.


My seven year old scout is now on his 2nd blue cub shirt.


Myself, I've now been wearing scout shirts for ten years with one size increase. Three positions. I've bought at least five shirts for myself.


My wife has a scout shirt for her role too.


As I have three registered positions (pack, troop, district), I use two shirs and use either my pack or troop shirt for the district.




I'm betting I've bought at least twenty scout shirts, ten pants and twenty pairs of socks. Love the new socks. :)

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I don't see that anyone has answered your question. I'd suggest one with all the bling, and one without. The minmalist shirt might display your favorite knot. Depending upon the impression you choose to give, select your shirt by the event. Commissioners might make people more comfortable without all the do-dads. If you attend an event that causes you to wear ribbons or medals, the minimalist shirt would probably be better, especially if the event is to recognize someone else.

Sometimes you may feel that you want to establish some credibilty with a strong first impression, so you wear more stuff on your shirt. To me, when you play this game a little longer, you might feel more comfortable wearing less. You have nothing to prove, and your reputation preceeds you.

Do one of each.


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1 set of youth dress whites (all my bling)

1 set of youth dress blues (all my bling)

1 set of adult dress blues (just the bare minimum)

1 set of adult khakis (bare minimum)

2 chambray work uniforms (These have a bunch of patches because I last wore them at jambo)

3 activity uniforms (three ships)


I wear the different uniforms based on what position I am actively working at the time (though that gets a little fuzzy at times), and my geographic location.(This message has been edited by sailingpj)

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I appreciate all the replies. It appears that I own a fairly small number of uniform shirts (3). I'm just about back to the weight where the old shirts will fit. Then its time for some sewing.


I will say that the boys ask about the patches that are sewn on, gives me an excuse to talk about the opportunities.

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1 new tan district commissioner

1 green district commissioner

1 new tan troop committee

1 green council venturing committee(yes there is a patch for this http://www.scoutstuff.org/bsa/special-collections/venturing/council-venturing-committee-emblem.html

1 new tan wood badge staff, my council refuses to comply with nationals rules with this one.(This message has been edited by click23)

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