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T Shirt / Activity Uniform / Class B

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I got Activity shirts for my troop a couple of years ago before SUmmer Camp. Since then some of the boys have the strange idea that this is THE uniform for all events. I stopped getting t-shirts and still see them at meetings. SOme boys just don't get it no matter how many times you tell them. We are going to get a new t-shirt for activities, but I require all of the Scouts and leaders to wear the full uniform with patches at all meetings, and campouts. they can take off the shirt and just wear a t-shirt during work around camp, but must wear the full shirt to flags, and camp fire.

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I have a parent that brought up that we should allow the boys to wear class B's at den meetings in front of the boys. The reasoning was that they get sweaty when they play games and the den meetings are more relaxed and that Class A's should only be worn at Pack meetings.


Personally, I feel that they should wear the uniform for several reasons. This shows that they are proud to be part of a group and it shows respect. It also shows what awards they have earned. The uniforms are made to get dirty and are rugged for this reason.


The parents should help support the fact to the boys that the uniform should be worn to den and pack meetings. I also think that if they wear Class B's to the den meetings then that will eventually change to wearing no uniforms at den meetings and then that will move to the pack meetings and we will lose all respect and importance of being in uniform.


Anyone else have this issue?

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With the cost of uniforms, and how fast boys grow, I think they should be trying to as much wear time out of it as possible!


That said, we have never had your problem. I think that most of our parents likely feel the same as I do. If I am going to shell out that much $$, you are darn sure going to wear the thing.


I have found that if you start them in Tigers, when they are proud of their brand new shiny uniform, with the expectation of wearing it to every meeting/outing, it will carry on to the future years.



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