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New "Wood Badge" regalia / patches???

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Spoke with several unit scouters at camp out this weekend. They are both taking WB.


One said in addition to the NC, Woggle, and beads, they are getting stuf for shoulder (not patrol patch), right, and left pockets.


I did not want to burst their bubble, but other than:


> NC

> Woggle

> Beads


Is there any other uniform stuff from WB? (I don't count the Patrol Patch).


Granted...I am not looking for more uniform insignia. Just kind of interested.





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Our council does course specific CSP's. I believe that practice started in 2007 for us. The only thing I've found odd with it is that our courses are done in a cluster with other councils so if you go out of council for your course you really don't get to wear the CSP outside the course. I have uniforms with both an 2007 and 2010 course CSP's since I attended and staffed when the course was in my home council.

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We got a Wood Badge hat, and T-Shirt in addition to the white woggle (you make it) as a participant.


It's not until you complete the 2nd phase you earn your beads and leather woggle.


Both participants and staff got a hat.


There is a WB CSP that is a Scholarship for participants on the next WB course... totally optional.

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Some courses give out a course patch, which would be worn on the right pocket. (most such patches have a button loop, so there's no reason to wear it).


I have been seeing more and more courses doing a course CSP, which I don't have a problem as a souvenir item (tho I prefer the pocket patch), but don't see the need to wearing it on the uniform (the beads you wear tell us you took wood badge, why do you need a CSP to tell us that??). Some council Wood Badge Associations do either a pocket patch or CSP, again fine as a souvenir, but don't see a need to wear either.


FWIW, I did get a course hat and t-shirts. I occasionally wear the t-shirts, but the hat, along with all the course course mementos, went into my wood badge box. I wear the beads all the time, and only rarely wear the necker & woggle.



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We got a hat and a t-shirt, and the option to buy a jacket if you wanted. They also came up with three different CSPs. Red border for participant and yellow border for staff - you got 1 red border one, and could buy a couple more, and if you were not on staff, you had the option to buy 1 just for completeness sake. The silver border one was not for sale, but when you complete your ticket and receive your beads, you were given the silver border one.


I had the participant on my uniform. Doubt I'll put the "completed" version on, though. I'll hang on to it as a keepsake.

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The only official WB "regalia" is the taupe necker, the leather woggle and the beads. Yes, you also have the woggle you make (our council uses red) and the tartan necker you wear during the course and while working your tickets. Anything else is extra. Our courses supply a hat and t-shirt as part of your fee, but that is no different from buying a hat and t-shirt at summer camp. The WB trading post run by our WB committee does take orders for all sorts of WB and WB critter pins and patches. Around here, some folks order them, but few wear them on their uniform. They would be considered temporary patches at best as you won't find anything in the insignia guide on where to place them on your uniform.

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BD, I know a couple of guys in our OA Lodge you'd want to stay away from. Patch traders! And I don't use the term lightly. They can spend hours telling you about each and every patch and when they were made and how much they're worth. They have boxes and boxes and boxes in their collection. They love the bling. We have a number of one armed scouters in our council who chewed their own arms off to get away from these guys. If youy ever have a patch you need to design, they will be more than happy to give you several hours of schooling in what makes a good and tradable patch. Heck, they'll even offer to design it for you. ;)

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I'll pass, thanks.

I'm not a fan of creating a patch simply for the sake of creating a patch, especially if it's just for trading purposes.

Wood Badge and NYLT shoulder strips are too over the top for me. There are other ways to recognize people and to represent an event. I know everyone has their own opinion on it, and that's fine. I just don't see why a Wood Badge course needs something more than the Wood Badge. T-shirts? Nice. Hats? Also nice. Patches? I still don't get that.


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I admit I've helped design a patch or two in my time. And I also admit i got my son hooked on patch trading. BUT it can definitely be over done. Some of the WB and NYLT "swank" as BP would call it is going WAYYYYY overboard.

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At the end of the day, I ended up with the course straw Resistol (that was our Class A hat), a course baseball cap (Class B Hat), 5 Dry Fit activity Shirts (Bought 3 of them), a Fleece Jacket I bought, and a wood nameplate for the right pocket. It had our name, course number, and a silhouette of our critter behind it, It was also signed by the CD.

When I got my beads, I was also given an engraved pen with our course number and motto on it. Don't think we could have fit a CSP in there anywhere!, But we did get some patches with our course logo on it. and a Nalgene. Come to think of it, I brought home quite a bit more than I took, in more ways than one.

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Own that is simply ridiculous.......



that is why woodbadge gets way over blown......It is simply another training course.



I finished my ticket and got my stuff signed off.....I still haven't received my beads in the mail......it has been 3 months now.


I will be just like Seattle......20 years from ticket completion till beading.





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I guess this is like any other question about the Uniform.


You want to wear it? Wear it!, You don't! Then Don't!


I know from the Admin, and Staff Guide, that there are several items required for the course.


Here is the 2012 Course Guide QM List.


Day One: Orientation, Gathering Activites.


-Name Badge for each Participant.

-Participant Notebook for each Participant, Including:

--10 sheets of paper


--The Gilwell Gazwtte (First Issue)

-Den Chief shoulder cord for each patrol

-Staff Exhibit

-Any required materials for gathering activity or game. (Para cord bracelets)"Traditional activity"

-Course Hat and Shirt for each participant, if appropriate. (Also given at each course)


We also design and give out Council WB Course CSP's every year. We then offer to sell stock to Participants afterwards to raise extra funds for future courses.

Temp Course Patch.


And this year we are thinking of a wind breaker. We have for the past two years had a one day Summer Storm during the week.


These extras are left up to the Course Directors/SM. I was thinking that a tote bag would be great, as we have a lot of stuff to tote around. I don't like carrying a back pack myself.


I see past participants wearing loads of former WB stuff, but hang on to those good memories I would guess. I loved my course, and have loved Staffing so far. I hope this year's course is also a good one to be Staffing (ASM-TG this Course). But I think that some like this stuff, and some don't. Not required to wear the Course patches, and CSP's, but like I said we use after course participant sales to generate extra funds. This is the same as you see with OA flaps etc..


I still wear a beaded pocket dangler with "Bobwhite" on it made for me by a great WB Staff friend. She makes these every year. And the course Directors usually get a very kool OA or CD designed, pouch for a mobile phone she makes. I was already talking about gifting with my TGs fro this course, and asked them, that if they decided to gift, then make something, and not spend money buying stuff.. Although these "Critter Beads" are desired often. But this stuff goes way over the top often enough. Gifting, and gifting, and gifting.. too much..


I love to gift people, but not on the scale I have seen it. So I try to make something, and will do that this year. Leather, and a hot pointed iron. I am still using the one that the CD made last year as a key chain.


Anyway, hope those of you who do serve or attend a WB course this year have a great time, learn loads, and finish your Ticket..




Mike B.




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Personally, I consider Wood Badge to be over promoted. Someone is always taking time at meeting to sell Wood Badge, even when most in the meeting have already taken the course, or so it seems.


Adding hats, pocket patches and stuff seems to be gilding that lily even further.


However, I would like to have something to promote the Tiger Cub Den Leader training I conduct and/or the Tiger Cub Day Camp program I do in conjunction with Cub Scout Day Camp.


This thread suggests to me that selling a patch of some kind might help with that. There are all kinds of advertizing promotion items --- perhaps I should be scoping out that market for something suitable.


I suppose I'd like to promote something like an informal fraternity of Tiger Cub leaders who would value helping to promote a quality Tiger Cub program in their packs and the district. Some kind of recognition item of the kind wood badge uses might be useful to promote that end, any ideas would be welcome.

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