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New at ScoutStuff.org - "Adult Knot Sashes" (Not)

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I found out recently that BSA is consolidating a number of "knots".


My 2... HOORAY!


Honest to gosh after seeing some scouters wearing 5 or more rows of knots...where do you stip.


Tico Perez...National Scout Commissioner...wears 3...but I guarantee he has 9+.


Me ? I have some but dont wear them all or at all times.


To me Scouting = Youth Involvement


Do the other kids look up to each other or oogle my patches.


My vote is on the former.


Seriously...I think we colud do with a few less ...adult knots.

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Boy Scouts is a youth program. Adults are a part and parcel of the program. Knots help show the history and involvement of the adult leader. Just like the other patches on the uniform, it documents the scouting resume of the wearer.


In 8 years as uniformed adult leader, only twice I can recall youth asking about the knots on my uniform. Once was last week. The NSP wanted to know why I had knots and the boys did not. I explained that Boy Scouts is a boy program and adults are not allowed to earn rank, that is only for the boys. But I am able to wear knots which show that I earned the AOL and Eagle while a lad. It also shows that I not only met the basic requirements to hold my various adult positions but went above the basic requirements and took additional training and led programs within my unit to provide a better program for the scouts. A $1 patch does not seem like too much recognition for the thousands of hours and dollars I spent to provide a full scouting program to not only my son but hundreds of other peoples sons.


Several of the scouts said they wished there was an Adult Scouts so the adults could have the same fun the boys did.

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I think it's a good move. They will be reducing the number of knots for Cub Scout Leaders by consolidating Tiger Den Leader, Den Leader, and Webelos Den Leader Awards into simply the Den Leader Award. The awards for Cubmaster and Scoutmaster will share the same Scouter's Key knot but a program device can be used to distinguish where it was earned. Basically, in the end, cub leaders and scout leaders will share the same color knots (with the exception of the den leader award) just like it was in former days.


This is the information that I'm getting. If I'm wrong, please correct me.





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In my 35 years as a volunteer I have never had a kid ask me about my knots or my beads, but as an adult when I meet another scouter in uniform I automatically tend to look for knots and beads to give me some idea of the other person's involvement and/or training.


The only time I didn't wear my knots was when I was part of the Training Team and we were doing Scout Leader Basic then we went with bare shirts with only the Troop 1 and our position of responsibility in the course patches.

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My CC sent me the info on getting the DL knot, which I have been keeping track of. To me the requirements are things I should be trying to do to be a good DL. I don't think it would be a detriment to drop TDL and WDL knots. I'm not a DL to get knots or patches anyway. Though I would be a very happy camper when our district reschedules BALOO.


I do hope to one day get a West knot...actually I'd like my entire den to get the West knot, just not sure if you can do bake sales and car washes to earn the total amount (for the boys to get it...I would just have to pony up)

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Knots or not knots, that is the perpetual question.



Personally, I take a measure of pride in earning knots and I allow them to shape my behavior to some extent in order to complete all the requirements.


And I encourage unit leaders to complete knot requirements by handing out sheets describing requirements. I have a folder with the requirements for many of the common knots so it's easy for me to hand those out.


I also pass that folder around at District Committee and District Commissioner meetings and encourage people to take sheets for people they'd like to encourage to complete a knot and get an award.


It might encourage some people to get a uniform to wear the knot on.


In short, it's a small but useful method to reward leaders and to encourage them to do a quality job.


The Tiger Cub Den Leader, Cub Scout Den Leader and Webelos Den Leader are different positions. Someone who does them all would need to complete three leader specific courses. My preference would be to keep the separate awards, and personally one of the knots I value the most is the Tiger Cub Den Leader knot.


That's my experience, anyway.

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Oh Knot discussions make me giggle.


I regard Eamons post pretty highly....in one of them he said....If someone things enough of you to nominate you for a knot you should where it out of respect.......



After reading that post and thinking about it for a while.....He was right. While I don't like the lime light and feel awkward when recognized in public I have a shirt with all the my Stuff on it.....



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Here one of the knots I'd really like to earn:





That's the George Meany Labor award for promoting labor and unions in Scouting and encouraging labor unions to support Scouting by chartering units.


I have a strategy that could result in earning that award, but not the time to execute it anytime soon.


I happen to admire George Meany and I like American labor unions.

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I really like garlc knots! :)


That being said, I am working on my CM knot. Actually, I have met all the requirements ( and then some) except being a tad shy on the time frame.


I could have had the Cub Scout leader knot based on the requirements, but it's not something I'd push for now.


So why have them?


The same reason you keep a photo of your troop at Philmont or you standing next to your cub scouts at camp.


The same reason you post a pic of your own cub scout son holding his PWD car or after recieving a beltloop at any pack meeting.


You do it because you are proud of it. You are proud of it because it stands for something you did.


Okay, I really don't know why anybody else would wear a knot on their shirt, but it's why I am going to wear mine!


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This Knot business is an interesting topic. Since I've only recently become active as an adult leader in Scouting, I've noticed its a contentious issue for some. I have mixed opinions on this.


I agree with reducing the variety of knots. I don't really care for all the clutter I've seen on a few of the adult uniforms I've encountered. It seems to go against the uniform regs: "Members should make every effort to keep their uniforms neat and uncluttered". On the other hand, I firmly believe a leader who has done good work deserves to be recognized, and a few knots are not too obtrusive (especially compared to the proliferation of Jambo patches, OofA patches, Quality unit patches, trained patches, etc.)


I must admit I'm proud of my AoL knot as it represents many fond memories, and will proudly wear a dean leaders knot when/if I earn one.


Anyway, just some thoughts...



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The only knots emblems I recognize on sight are the ones Boy Scouts wear to indicate they earned AOL as Webelos, and to indicate they've earned their "Emblem of Faith." But those are easy to recognize because they're the only knots I've seen scouts wear.


Some adults are knot wearers others are not wearers of knots they could wear if they so chose. I tend not to notice knots on adults much unless someone is wearing a whole knot of them. Among the adults I've met who wear a plethora of gewgaws, the gewgaws threw an apparent lack of substance into starker relief in a few cases... but only a few. So knots don't make the man, but plenty of good ones do wear them. And long may they enjoy doing so - in numbers culled a bit for the sake of uncluttered decorum.


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When I'm doing district training, I usually like to ask the participants why they are there. Over the years, I've heard quite a few different answers. There are quite a number of leaders that decided to attended leader training because it was a requirement for the knot. I've never bothered to keep count, so I don't know the percentage.


But if we get one more trained leader because there is a knot, then I say the program was a success!



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Instead of knots, you should get an app that scrolls them on your iPod, and velcro the iPod above your pocket!


Then you could touch the knot and it would tell you what you did to earn it (while playing patriotic music in the background).

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