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Yes, remove the Webelos patch from the pocket itself. Boy Scouts (as opposed to Cubs/Webelos) may wear the Arrow of Light strip underneath their left breast pocket, assuming they earned it. If not then they do not wear any patches indicating that they were in Cubs. Rather they start on a whole new set.



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The uniform inspection sheets are a good resource to use to get yous son's uniform up to snuff. They can be found on the SCOUTSTUFF.ORG website.


Also may I make a suggestion? Have your son sew on all the patches. He will appreciate it later, and take a greater pride in the uniform.

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I've always thought the scribe patch was for the troop position, but I don't see a problem if the troop wants someone from each patrol to wear the patch! (I could see it now "Scribes, submit your patrol activity reports by end of meeting!")


I would make the effort to find out the troop's convention from the SM.


My bottom line: if you're doing the work, wear the patch.



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I was Treasurer in a homeowner's assocaition that required two signatures on checks.


That meant that I signed the check and sent it to the President, who spent most of the money, and he/she signed it too. Not much of a check.



Besides, as a practical matter banks don't check on such things.


As a practical matter, a Treasurer who wants to write themselves a check and sign it only themselves can do so.


At least as important, I would find reimbursing pack volunteers to be more burdensome if such a requirement were in place.


MUCH better to have an independent person receive the bank statement and review the checks written, in my view.


But if others like this as a requirement, help yourself of course.

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