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religious emblem knot ?

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I have a question...


can a boy scout wear the religious knot that he earned while a cub scout?


I know there is a religious emblem award for boy scouts and may require more work (I don't know a lot about these awards)


so do boys remove the one earned as a cub and not wear the religious award on boy scout uniform until earned while a boy scout?


I was always told the only cub scout award to go on boy scout uniform was the arrow of light award.


so what is correct???


thanks in advance

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If I am not mistaken, the colors for the cub and Boy Scout version of the religious knot are slightly different. I'll have to look in my insignia guide when I get home. I know there is a difference in color for the youth and adult religious knot.


Other than the religious knot, the ONLY other thing a scout may transfer from cub scouts to boy scouts is the Arrow of Light.



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"Other than the religious knot, the ONLY other thing a scout may transfer from cub scouts to boy scouts is the Arrow of Light."


I do not believe that is entirely true. Even though the Religious Award knot and the Arrow of Light Award are the two most common badges that WEBELOS take with them to Boy Scouts, I do not know anyone who would tell a new Boy Scout that the knot representing the Honor Medal which he was awarded as a Bear Cub Scout for saving someone's life could not be worn on his Boy Scout uniform. Same goes for the knots representing the Heroism Medal, the Medal of Merit, and the James E. West Fellowship award. As far as I know, these awards stay with the Scout regardless of level. I know of no restrictions.


Chazz Lees

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Yes. I am a Scouter and I wear my youth religious award knot (for God and Me) with pride alongside my Eagle and Arrow of Light knots. You never "outgrow" it.


PS: No, I do not wear the "God and Me" medal. ;) That stayed on my Cub Scout uniform.(This message has been edited by Eagle707)

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The silver square knot on purple background may be worn by ANY youth OR adult who earned the religious emblem of their faith as a youth, in ANY youth organization.


Only ONE square knot is worn no matter how many religious emblems were earned. A BSA square knot device (teeny, tiny, pin) is worn on the knot to designate the level(s) a religious emblem was earned in.


So, to answer the OP - YES, a Boy Scout can transfer his religious emblem square knot from his Cub Scout to his Boy Scout uniform even if he never earns a religious emblem as a Boy Scout.

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'Nut is right: 1 knot , but pins for the different levels.


And here is where it gets interesting based upon his faith and which award.


If he's Catholic and earned the Light of Christ as a Tiger or Wolf, he wears a CS device on the knot. If he earned Parvuli Dei as a Bear or Webelos, he wears a Webelos device on the knot.


Me personally I no longer wear the pins as they are a pain to keep in place, figuratively and literally. ;)

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Simple answer - Yes.


Detailed answer:

There are two different religious award knots. The youth award knot is a silver knot on a purple background. The adult award knot is a purple knot on a silver background.


Which knot you wear depends on when you earned the religious award. If you earned a religious award while a Cub Scout, you wear the Youth Award knot throughout your scouting career. It indicates that you earned a religious award while you were a youth. Yes, if you earned the award while a Cub Scout and have the knot, you can wear that knot as a Boy Scout without having to earn another religious award.


The adult knot is to recognize adults who have earned a religious award while they are adults. You don't automatically switch to the adult knot when you turn 18 if you have a youth knot on your uniform. You still wear the youth knot. The point is that the knot will tell you when a person has earned a religious award - as a youth or as an adult. If you earn a religious award as a youth then earn one as an adult, you can wear both knots. You wouldn't add another device to your youth knot for an award you earned as an adult since the you didn't earn that adult award as a youth.


Something else to note, as ScoutNut has mentioned - you don't have to earn the religious award as a Scout or Scouter in order to wear the knot. I know a lot of Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts work with their churches to earn the award as Scouts - but if you earn it as part of a youth group for the church and not "as a Scout", you can still wear the knot. Interestingly, I've not seen anything that says you had to have at least been a Scout or Scouter when you earned the award in order to wear the knot. I believe that if you were not a Cub Scout and earned the religious award as part of a church youth group at Cub Scout age, then joined a Boy Scout Troop later, (or weren't a Scout, earned the award, then joined Scouting with your son) that you would be able to wear the youth religious award knot.





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From the BSA Insignia Guide -


"The Boy Scouts of America recognizes the religious emblems program, which belongs to each faith group. Anyone (youth or adult) who, as a member of another youth agency (e.g., Girl Scouts of the USA, Campfire Boys and Girls, a Sunday School class, etc.), has earned the religious emblem of their faith is eligible to wear the approved religious emblem on their respective uniform."



Note that this would include female leaders, and Venturers in the anyone(youth or adult).

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