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New Scout Shirts with the red Boy scouts of america letters, Letters are peeling off

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I purchased one of those new shirts in September, but now I notice that the red lettering is starting to peel. Is there a way to stop it from peeling off completely.


I wrote to national but never heard back from them on it.


Hopefully someone here has an idea.







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My wife loves me, she embroidered over the letters before I even wore the shirt since i kept hearing that they fall off.


Yes bring them back as they are guaranteed for life.


EDITED: Looked online , get the microfiber version, i guess it's the Centennial Shirt, Gen II. It doesn't have the smokes pocket, and the Boy Scouts of America is embroidered on. AND IT"S THE SAME PRICE as the Centennial Gen I shirts.(This message has been edited by Eagle92)

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My "ODL" uniform shirts, USA-made, show no wear after 8+ years of regular use.


The BSA choice of transferring uniform manufacture to Asian-made, "sweat shops" seemed to be a poor choice on an emotional level. Now it is proving to also be bad choice on a quality level as well.


Both Girl Scout USA and Scouts Canada source their offical uniforms from US and Canadian sources. Why can't BSA?

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