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IDSO: Previous-generation Venturing shirt

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My son needs a Venturing uniform shirt THIS weekend. Now that he's seen the floofy ventilated weird shirts they're selling at the Scout shop, he really really really wants one of the older style uniforms instead.


He wears a Men's M or L. Short sleeves preferred, but he'll take long sleeves before he'll take one of the new uniforms. If there's someone out there willing to take paypal and ship it out Priority very soon (like, tomorrow would be awesome) I would pay whatever *reasonable* price you ask. I'll pay as much as a brand new shirt, plus postage, if it's in very good condition. So if you really want a new-style shirt but you didn't want to spend the money because you had a perfectly good one already... here's your chance!


Crossing my fingers that someone out there has one to sell. I don't even care if it isn't clean. I can wash it myself.

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Give these folks a call. They will have what you want.


Company Name "A Scout is Thrifty" Uniform Exchange

Contact Person David Patterson

Company Address 224 10th Ave So,Nampa, Idaho

Postal Code 83651

Telephone Number 208-468-9939

Mobile Number 208-250-1852

Fax Number 208-468-0050

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THANK YOU!! You guys are the best. :) Sorry I don't hang out here that much anymore. I was able to get one ordered from A Scout is Thrifty... and for roughly half the cost of a new shirt even with shipping added. :) It won't be here in time for this weekend, I'm sure (because Friday is a postal holiday) but he'll just have to manage.


I have an inquiry in to our local uniform bank, too. Maybe if I hear back from them they'll have something he can use even if it's the "wrong" shirt and we can donate it (and any outgrown tan shirts) back after the weekend is over.

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