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Neck wear for Cubmaster and Committe member in scout troop

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In your role as a troop committee member, I'd wear the unit necker.


As for being CM, most do not wear neckers, but here is your best option:




Also if you are an Eagle Scout, they have a bunch of neckers available.


Now I do wear neckers, and I rotate through them. I got a comment this past weekend when a group of Cubs saw me without one one. Thatwas because I had one of the new, properly sized ones, and used it for first aid earlier in the day.





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I'm a Cubmaster and I wear the new larger blue neckerchief for Cub Scout Leaders. Same design from the past but a much larger traditional size. It looks better because the previous ones were about the size of a paper napkin. I wear the necerkerchief for Den and Pack Meetings when I'm with the Cubs. Other meetings such as Roundtable I usually go necker-less.



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As a Pack CC I have some cool ones I picked up on e-bay and rotate them through when around the boys, and none for roundtables etc, except for our Camp meetings, I have a necker for Camp Carpenter (our Cub Camp) that is approx 25 years old that I wear to those. :)

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I find an attractive sheet or yard goods at a thrift shop and cut pack neckerchiefs out of it. During the summer I cut twenty out of a colorful sheet that cost $6.


I cut sections out of branches cut from a tree, and then drill a hole in them with a spade bit.


I fold, iron and package the neckerchiefs in plastic sandwich bags and keep the slides in a bag. As soon as new Cub Scouts pay their fees, they are awarded a neckerchief and they choose a slide that appeals to them. Their parents help them put that on.


The fact that the neckerchief is neat and clean provides an opportunity to tell the boys about treating the uniform respectfully and keeping it neat and clean.


When parents are appointed to pack positions, they get a neckerchief and slide at a pack meeting, and the Cub Scout assists in putting the neckerchief on the parent.


I also let the Cub Scouts know they can decorate their neckerchief if they wish. They are "in uniform" if they are wearing their neckerchief and slide. My aim is to get boys and parents in uniform right away. They can buy more uniform parts at their leisure.


I wear this neckerchief and slide myself to set an example, and I have it decorated with a "Join Cub Scouts" motif cut from a recruiting door hanger.




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I wear the new Cub Scout blue neckerchief. I fits and looks great.


Too bad some did not like Woodbadge though. I enjoyed the course and encourage others to do the same. Woodbadge is something you really want to do, or you will not appreciate what is taught, the work you need to do or the experiences you will have.


Still working my tickets,

Glenn (Bear Patrol)

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