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LNT Master Educator cloth strip

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Is anyone knowledgeable about the status of this LNT Master Educator cloth strip? I cant seem to find information on whether or not it is official, or proper placement on the uniform. I guess it would be placed where the interpreter strip is supposed to reside. Im keen to have this on my uniform, but am presently riding the fence since I tend to follow the rules and cant confirm that this item is sanctioned by the B.S.A.




Best regards,

Eagle 77


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There is.





The new Leave No Trace logo in white and green embroidered on a black patch. They measure 3 1/2 inches wide by 2 1/8 inches high. Available in three versions;


*Outdoor Ethics:* Recognizes individuals practicing Leave No Trace


*Master Educator:* for people who have completed a Masters course


*Trainer:* for people who have completed a Trainer course.

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The round LNT Trainer patch is the "position of responsibility" badge for those boys currently serving as "the" LNT Trainer for their patrol/troop/whatever. Like all position of responsibility patches such as patrol leader, bugler, chaplain aide, etc., it is not meant to be worn when you're not currently serving in that position.


At this time, there is no official BSA LNT patch of any kind for anyone other than the boys who are serving as LNT Trainers as their position of responsibility for Star/Life/Eagle advancement. I think that's kind of a shame, but that's a story for another day.

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