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Scoutstuff.org site and uniform headgear

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National must have heard you...I just checked the scoutstuff website, under hats and caps, and here's what they have:


Campaign Hat

Centennial Cap

Centennial Webelos Cap

Tiger, Wolf, and Bear Caps

Cub Leader Bush Hat

Venturing UltraShield Cap

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I think too many people read stuff into what they see. The site is a retail site. It is not well organized and does not dictate policy. In fact, the official policy on headgear is that whichever headgear a unit chooses is headgear for that unit. I have said it several times before but I will say it again here, just because it is an official BSA item does not mean you are allowed to wear it in your unit. Headgear is choosen by the unit and "once a uniform, always a uniform" does not apply. From the uniform inspection sheet: All troop members must wear the headgear chosen by vote of the troop/team. They may choose the campaign hat or they may choose the cap, expedition hat or all but whatever the choice, it is only for that specific unit and all members must follow the policy.

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Having worked for supply, I can tell you that they do have a lot of folks who know zilch about scouting, and who will not listen to those of use with experience, and are active as volunteers. One reason I left.

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There was a time when the only official covers for uniform wear were the cap or the campaign hat. The current uniform inspection sheet says only:

"Headgear. All troop members must wear the headgear chosen by vote of the troop/team."


Interestingly, pants are now addressed in a way not seen before - no change, but more specific:

"Pants/Shorts. Official pants or official uniform pants or shorts; no cuffs.

(Units have no option to change.)"

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I've seen Scouters wearing pink pedal pushers and claim it was OK.

One can always say:

"The DE said it was OK."

"The CO has authority over pants."

"Our 'troop' uniform is ..."

"Real pants are too expensive, walmart pants are the same."

Whatever. 15 extra points to the kid that does it right.


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I call a pox on the uniform inspection sheet. Some people just aren't hat people and shouldn't be required to wear anything.


I rarely wore headgear as a Scout, with the exception of the red berets my first troop wore, because we looked darn sharp, son! Now that was stylin'.


My second troop wore the standard baseball hats, and they looked goofy on me - sat too high on my head. I kept leaving mine behind.


When camping, I'll wear a knit cap in the winter and at bedtime on cold fall nights, but that's about it.

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Shortridge, your red beret comments brought back some good memories! I've got a red beret tucked away somewhere.


I also second your pox on the inspection sheet. For an organization that errs on the side of avoiding a military appearance (oftentimes to a fault), that inspection sheet sure "scratches an itch" for some would-be drill instructors.


Nowadays, I'll wear a hat to keep the sun or rain off my head on the trail, and that's all.


Speedy: in your scenario, I think a scout has wide latitude to choose the hat best for him.

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I think this is the real story: National wants to push the Centennial hats before we get too far away from the Centennial. Thus, unless you really go looking, you're most likely going to see the Centennial hats as about the "only" hats you can buy.

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